Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

We are a company of builders who bring varying backgrounds, ideas, and points of view to inventing on behalf of our customers. Our diverse perspectives come from many sources including gender, race, age, national origin, sexual orientation, culture, education, and professional and life experience. We are committed to diversity and inclusion and always look for ways to scale our impact as we grow.

Sealed with Pride: our ongoing efforts to foster inclusivity for the LGBTQIA+ community

Amazon’s iconic boxes have had a glow up for the next month and will be sealed with rainbow tape, as Amazon Australia celebrates Pride.

Michael Hill
Inside Amazon
Amazon’s ability to innovate on behalf of our customers relies on the perspectives and knowledge of people from all backgrounds.

We believe that building a culture that is welcoming and inclusive is integral to people doing their best work and is essential to what we can achieve as a company. We actively recruit people from diverse backgrounds to build a supportive and inclusive workplace. We take steps to ensure employees have a sense of belonging, value, and opportunity.

We continue to make progress in building a more diverse workforce. Today, women lead many of our biggest and most important businesses, including our Retail, AWS, Devices and more.

Pictured - Michael Hill, president of the IndigenousANZ@Amazon Affinity Group
Volunteers packing at BNE1 Disaster Relief Hub
In the community
We foster diversity and inclusion globally and look for ways to amplify underrepresented voices and empower diverse communities.

Our technology opens opportunities to entrepreneurs, authors, creators, and builders from all over the word—from individual sellers to small and medium-sized businesses. We work to build long-term partnerships with vendors and sellers who share our vision of advancing toward a more equitable future that improves the lives of people everywhere.

We partner with and support charitable and not-for-profit organisations that foster diversity and inclusion in the community – working side-by-side with partners to provide meaningful support at a local level where our employees live and work, as well as at a national level and global level.
Amazon Australia commissioned Kalkadoon woman and Aboriginal artist Chern’ee Sutton
Amazon Australia’s commitment to reconciliation
In acknowledgement of the history of this Country, and of all the nations of people that it encompasses, Amazon Australia is committed to a meaningful reconciliation for First Australians its Reconciliation Action Plan. The plan — which is the first of four types outlined by Reconciliation Australia — aims to set the groundwork for more advanced steps in the future.

Pictured - Aboriginal artwork created by Kalkadoon artist Chern’ee Sutton
LGBTQ Pride flag flies over Amazon's Seattle campus
Affinity groups
Amazon Australia has 10 affinity groups, also known as employee resource groups, which bring Amazon employees together across businesses and locations around the world. Some examples include the Black Employee Network (BEN), Asians at Amazon, and Indigenous at Amazon.