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Disaster Relief and Response

Amazon’s disaster relief and response efforts utilise our global logistics capabilities to provide the fastest, most effective aid. These strengths enable us to ship Amazon-donated items, and items donated by partners, to communities as soon as possible after a natural disaster. Since 2017, Amazon has donated more than 23 million relief items to support people impacted by over 108 disasters around the world.
Disaster Relief Hub helpers organising products in a row

Every year, people around the world are impacted by natural disasters and Amazon is there to help quickly.

Worldwide, we have filled cargo jets and shipped truckloads of Amazon-donated items to communities ravaged by natural disasters, and we’ve made it easy for customers to donate products through Amazon.com.au. Amazon Web Services enables disaster response organisations to access cloud services at the edge, even in the harshest conditions. The AWS Disaster Response Action Team allows customers to focus on mission-critical functions, while AWS implements deployable infrastructure based on customer need.

Amazon launches new disaster relief hub in Australia as part of global expansion of disaster capabilities

Since 2017, Amazon and its partners have donated and delivered more than 23 million items to support disaster-stricken communities. Knowing that speed disproportionately matters in disasters, Amazon is announcing an expansion of its disaster relief and response capabilities with the opening of a new Disaster Relief Hub in Melbourne, Australia.

In response to the extreme 2019-2020 bushfire season in Australia, Amazon Australia supported the Fires Near Me app with a dedicated TAM and $100+ in credits.

This resulted in over 1.28 million downloads in November 2019 alone, and at one point there were 750,000 downloads in a 36-hour period. The app topped the charts for free app downloads in the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. We also provided 24/7 support during peak periods for the ACT Emergency Services Agency website at the height of the territory’s bushfire disaster, and facilitated staff donations to the Rural Bush Fire Service and The Smith Family to support those in bushfire ravaged communities.

We teamed up with Drought Angels to deliver smiles to 500 farming families

Communities across Australia are still feeling the impact of the devastating bushfires that swept the nation. We’ve teamed up with Drought Angels to help deliver smiles to Aussie families across the country.