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Our Employees

We seek top talent from all industries and a range of backgrounds to join our offices and operations centres around the world. People who succeed at Amazon have something in common—they are customer-centric, they are leaders, and they are innovators.
Two men, who are Amazon employees, are sitting in a shared work area at our Sydney, Australia office, working together on their laptop computers.
Investing in our employees
Nothing is more important to us than keeping our employees safe
Innovative employees
Inventing on behalf of customers and communities
  • LinkedIn recognises Amazon as a top workplace in Australia, citing skills training and opportunities for growth as key differentiators.
  • Australia’s National Science Agency, the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) developed VariantSpark, which has become the first machine learning framework to analyse one trillion data points of genomic data, powered by Amazon Web Services.
  • Three out of four Australians believe the transport and logistics industry is male dominated, but four out of five Australian women agree they would be more interested in male-dominated industries if they saw women succeeding in those industries. Meet four inspiring women smashing those industry gender stereotypes with successful careers in Amazon Australia’s logistics network.