“Alexa, good morning”
Start your day with pep in your step. After saying “good morning”, Alexa will give you a bite-sized fact or fun thing to try. Be prepared: there will be puns.

“Alexa, play Hit Nation radio”
Help get your brain in gear with some beats from chart toppers.

"Alexa, what's my stock market update?”
Alexa’s on the money when it comes to giving you up-to-the-minute stock market updates from the ASX.

“Alexa, add a 10am meeting to my calendar
There’s no time for tardiness with calendars. Simply link your Google, iCloud or Office 365 calendar to Alexa - and you’ll never miss a meeting again.

“Alexa, create a to-do list called Monday work tasks
Not sure where to start? Bring a sense of order to your work day with a to-do list.

“Alexa, find a quick recipe”
If you’ve got the hunger, Alexa can help you out. Alexa has a range of taste bud tingling recipes, from prawn linguine and lamb souvlaki wraps to poke bowls, thanks to the Taste Skill for Amazon Alexa.

“Alexa, set a timer for 10 minutes”
Cook your pasta to perfection by setting a timer.

"Alexa, call Stella"
Catch up with a colleague using Alexa calling and messaging on an Echo device or the Alexa App.

"Alexa, remind me to send Karen the presentation“
During a busy work day, it’s easy to let a deadline slip the mind. But with Alexa reminders, you’ll stay on top of your tasks.

“Alexa, give me a 30-minute workout”
Decompress and de-stress with a workout. Feel the burn at home, with HIIT, abs and leg exercises, all available via Alexa Skills.

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