After retiring from his work as an engineer, Steve found himself at a bit of a loose end – and after spotting an ad for Amazon Flex, he jumped at the chance to earn some money while also getting out and about.

“I’ve been doing this for a bit more than 18 months now,” the Sydneysider says. “I first saw it on LinkedIn.

“I’d recently retired in May the year before and was just looking for something to do to fill in a few hours a day.”

It has been a perfect fit for Steve.

“I guess at first it was a bit of a novelty,” he explains, “but I like being outside, I like driving my car and I didn’t want to be a rideshare driver!”

Aside from getting him out of the house, Steve’s favourite part of the work is seeing happy customers, especially when the city is in lockdown. Even a friendly wave from the doorway can mean the world.

When I’m delivering, I’ll get one or two people in that week that go, ‘This is fantastic! I only ordered this yesterday and you’re delivering it today!

It’s nice when you get that positive feedback from the customer that they bought something and they are happy they've got it in a timely fashion.
Steve, Amazon Flex Delivery Partner

While Amazon Flex blocks are available all year-round, during busier times such as sale periods or the festive season, more drivers are needed – making it a handy seasonal job opportunity for local drivers.

While Steve initially had the idea he would save his Amazon Flex earnings for a holiday, with Covid lockdowns he has since rethought those plans.

“Originally, I was putting the money in the bank, putting it in the savings account to go on holiday. But really, that’s not going to happen for a while,” he laughs.

“We’ve been on one domestic holiday, but after that it just became spending money. It certainly helps.”

For this retiree, the best aspect has been the fact he’s able to keep moving instead of staying sedentary.

“I enjoy being on the move, so I literally tell people I’m getting paid to keep fit,” he jokes.

“I tell people, where else am I going to get paid to keep fit?”

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