“The feeling of being in the fulfilment centre is high energy. There is always something to do and every day is different. And I love the physicality of working in the fulfilment centre. As a process guide, I support the team on the floor with fulfilling orders so I'm constantly moving. I love that it's so active.”

“When I go rock climbing, I feel an incredible sense of accomplishment. Every climb follows a different route and has its own obstacles to overcome. It’s not just about getting up that wall, but figuring out the best route – which applies just as well in everyday life!”

“I mainly go indoor rock climbing because it's so accessible, but every now and then I get to venture outside, to nearby White Rocks or Glasshouse Mountains.”

One of the aspects Gabby loves most about working at Amazon is the people.

“The people are the best part – the team is supportive, funny and are just genuinely nice people. I’ve heard there are others in the team who are also into climbing so I’m hoping to get a group together soon.

“We are always looking out for each other, especially when it comes to safety. We do a lot of training and take the time to reinforce that training every morning. I’ve also taken up the role of a learning ambassador, so I get to support people in the team in lots of different ways which I find really rewarding.”

What’s been one of your favourite moments at Amazon?

“I just love the teamwork. Everyone jumps in to help each other. We were coming up to lunchtime recently and my colleague had a pretty full trolley – we looked at each other and just said ‘let’s do it!’ We smashed through it together and it felt great!”

What do you think people would be most surprised to learn about working at Amazon?

“The number of opportunities. I never knew there was so much to do in a warehouse and so many career opportunities you could take advantage of.”

What’s your advice for someone joining Amazon?

“Always take an opportunity that comes your way, especially if it’s an opportunity to learn new skills.”

What’s next for you at Amazon?

“Instead of being a Process Guide, stepping in for a manager when needed, I’d love to become a Process Assistant, which would mean I would be a manager here in the fulfilment centre. That’s the next step for me.”