Naveed loves playing soccer almost as much as he loves spending time with family – which is why his job at Amazon’s Brisbane fulfillment centre is a perfect fit.

As a pick associate, Naveed works four days on and three days off, allowing him to continue his studies and enjoy his hobbies. He says this gives him the perfect work-life balance since it gives him plenty of time to fit in all the things he loves to do.

"I love working with my brothers and I love to work with Amazon."

“[I do] four days' work, three days off,” he explains.

“I can do my study, play with my brothers, and go out with my family as well.”

But even better, when Naveed goes to work he’s also spending quality time with his family – because his three brothers work for Amazon too.

Naveed was inspired to join Amazon after his brothers started working at the fulfilment centre “I've been here for almost four months,” he says. “And we have four brothers working here!”

Naveed laughs that the teamwork doesn’t end when he’s off the field.

“It's a very enjoyable job,” he says.

My manager encourages me, supports me all the time. We are like a team.
Naveed, Associate from Amazon Fulfilment Centre in Brisbane

Naveed and his brothers’ commitment to work, family – and soccer – is so strong that they even named their team after something very important to all of them.

“I enjoy soccer with my two brothers, and my two other friends,” he explains.

“The name of our team is ‘Amazon’!”