“As a kid you could never find me without my soccer ball and boots. My older brother, dad and grandpa all played soccer, so naturally I started playing at just four years old. I absolutely love it. It’s the reason I moved to Australia from the US five years ago. I play for Mitchelton Football Club in Brisbane, as part of the National Premier League, and train every day after work with competitions on the weekend.
“There is a lot more than what meets the eye when it comes to soccer. Once you get to an elite level, there's significant effort involved in maintaining your body to compete at that standard. You put your body through a lot, so you need to truly love the game to be that committed. It’s easy for me. I love how competitive it is and can’t wait to get on the field after a day of being in the fulfilment centre.”

For Emilie, the energy and pace of being on the soccer field, is just like the energy and pace of being in the fulfilment centre.

“You’ve got to always be on the ball and constantly thinking on the fly. It's great because it means every day is different and things don’t feel tedious. It's also collaborative and fun. Everyone at work is lovely and willing to chat and have a laugh, even management are open to listening and bouncing ideas around. It's just like having normal conversations with friends.

“As a process assistant, I’m responsible for receiving stock into the fulfilment centre. Safety is a big priority for my team, so we have a lot of procedures, and everyone is encouraged to speak up if they spot anything not right.”

What’s been one of your favourite moments at Amazon?

“My favourite moments have to be Peak (holiday season) and Prime Day, when we receive the most orders. You get to see our systems in full swing, and watching the orders come in and go out at such a large volume is amazing!”

What do you think people would be most surprised to learn about working at Amazon?

“People may be surprised at the overall environment. The perception of such a big organisation like Amazon is that people expect workers to just be head down, doing the job, but we actually have a lot fun and enjoy it.”

What’s your advice for someone joining Amazon?

“Get ready to enjoy a fast paced environment and just have fun. Every day is different, and you need to stay switched on!”

What’s next for you at Amazon?

“My next step is to become an Area Manager, and then work my way up from there. The long-term goal is to become a Regional Operations Manager. I can’t imagine ever working anywhere else – this is the place for me.”