Many of us are lucky to share a beautiful and special relationship with our mums, but would you want to work with yours? The answer is a resounding yes, if you ask Fiona and her mum Cynthia.

This mum and daughter light up as they talk about working closely together at Amazon Australia’s Regents Park Delivery Station, explaining it has strengthened their bond even more.

“We just have the best time together,” Fiona happily admits.

Fiona and Cynthia
Fiona and Cynthia

The two women have been working at Regents Park in Sydney since November 2021, when Fiona applied and Cynthia asked her daughter if she thought there would be a role for someone a bit older.

For her part, Cynthia, says she still can’t believe her luck at landing a job that allows her to spend time with her daughter.

I pinch myself every day and I don't call it lucky – I think we're very blessed, and for that I'm very grateful.

One of the aspects she loves most about working with her daughter is having the opportunity to be a role model.

“I would always want my daughter to do her best and by the only way I can show that is by showing it myself. So, I make sure that I'm always up on time, I have never been late to work, I never leave early.”

Fiona says “supermum” Cynthia inspires her with her work ethic, and laughingly confesses it’s an extra bonus to have a workmate who also washes her work clothes, and makes her a packed lunch every day!

Margarita and Sebastian
Margarita and Sebastian

Amazon Australia Senior Corporate Counsel and new mum Margarita recently returned to work, and enjoys her mentally stimulating job so much that she even sheepishly admits she felt ready to come back to work earlier than expected after baby Sebastian was born.

“I absolutely love motherhood and I took a year off, but really I was ready to use my brain more after about six months,” she explains.

The Sydney mum jokes that working with a great team of people is far easier than caring for a baby 24 hours a day, particularly as her partner Rolf, 35, runs a busy café and has to work most weekends.

“When I did go back I felt really good,” she says, explaining that it was great coming back to a supportive boss who is happy for her to work from home.

“I found working gave me a better balance. My boss, who is also a mum, suggested things I didn’t think were possible, so I came back part-time, four days a week for the first three months.

“I did wonder if becoming a mum would make me care less about work, but it didn’t. I like the balance of working because it makes me enjoy my time with my son even more.

There’s really nothing more fulfilling than bringing a child into the world and raising them.

As a special treat for Mother’s Day Margarita says she’s asked Rolf to bring home one of his famous blueberry muffins from the café. “I had to reserve one because they sell out all the time!”