Finding your dream job is one thing. Finding your dream job at a company that nurtures both your skills and ambitions, whilst also fostering a diverse and inclusive workplace, is a completely different kettle of fish.

But those are exactly the reasons why Linkedin named Amazon as one of the top 10 companies Australians want to work at in 2021. Here, we’re taking a deeper look at what future Amazon employees can look forward to when they make that dream job become a reality.

Diversity matters

Amazon employs 1.3 million people all over the globe. This huge global network means it is home to people of diverse ethnic, ability, gender, and LGBT+ backgrounds.

Building a workforce where employees from all walks of life are supported and included continues to be a priority for Amazon.

“It’s a pretty bold and powerful goal, but we're all behind it,” says Angela Langmann, Amazon Australia’s dual GM of Fashion and Luggage and AU Category Marketing.


And Amazon’s commitment to diversity doesn’t stop once the hiring process is complete — the company is home to various affinity groups that aim to help employees from diverse backgrounds feel included from day one.

“We want to ensure everyone feels supported once they come into the business,” explains Kelly Wearmouth, Amazon Australia’s GM of advertising. “The hiring process is the mechanism by which people are brought into our company, but we want to ensure they feel they’re supported and able to contribute once they’re here.”

A place to dream BIG

Amazon’s leaders are big believers that good ideas can come from anywhere, and as such all employees are encouraged to dream big, regardless of where they land in the company structure.

“One of the things that still surprises me today is just how much scope we have to innovate,” says Kelly. “And it's always amazed me that this ‘intrapreneur’ ethos is present in every part of the business.

“Things happen very fast – it’s a real start-up mentality, even though we’re working for one of the biggest companies in the world.


And grow your skills

Coming up with Amazon’s next big business idea isn’t the only way to develop your skills within the company. Angela and Kelly are both big supporters of Amazon’s internal learning platform, through which employees can become gain knowledge in everything from advertising, to coding, or developing their leadership skills and putting their new skills into practice in real time.

As leaders, they’re also committed to helping employees identify and develop new skills, even if they appear to be out of left field. Angela, for example, has been with Amazon for just over 15 years, starting her career with the company as a graphic designer.

Over the years, she’s dabbled in site merchandising, content production, marketing, and buying, and her career at Amazon Australia has continued to grow and change in unexpected ways.

Overseas ambitions

Outside of COVID-19 related travel restrictions, Amazon employees have the opportunity to travel domestically and internationally for training and new roles, with some shifting cities or continents for exciting projects and fresh opportunities. Angela got her start in Amazon’s Seattle headquarters, before crossing the pond to the UK and then being named Amazon Australia’s first retail hire.

Likewise, Kelly joined Amazon UK’s advertising team in 2013. She also enjoyed a two-year stint in Seattle, before landing Down Under.

“Those opportunities are open to everyone and, at Amazon, you’re the owner of your career. You’re empowered to build your network, meet people and nurture it,” she explains, adding that Amazon has been “enormously supportive” in helping intrepid employees with every part of the process, from securing visas to settling into their new homes abroad.

Opportunities abound

Amazon is currently looking to add thousands of jobs to its global workforce, with a special focus in Australia on corporate and technology roles in a diverse range of fields. These roles are open to Australians of varying skill levels and experiences.

While there are loads of different paths you could take, Angela advises being selective about the roles you apply for and familiarising yourself with the “unique” hiring process before you dive in.

“A scattergun approach usually doesn't work,” she says. “It pays to really understand if a given role is the right fit for your passions and your strengths. And having some really good questions to ask shows the interviewer you’ve done your research.”

In even better news, the opportunities don’t dry up once you’ve got a foot in the door – in fact, it’s quite the opposite.

“We love internal movement! That’s one great perk of working at Amazon, which has offices worldwide.”

So, if you’re the kind of person who’s excited by endless opportunities to upskill, innovate, and work overseas, chances are there’s an Amazon role that aligns with your personal and professional goals. And, hey, if there’s not, you can always create it!

“Even after eight years, this business continues to challenge me in terms of what I can learn, how I can innovate, and how I can help my team to grow,” Kelly says. “I've never had a chance to get bored, and I really can’t imagine working anywhere else!”

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