This Melbourne father of three loves the flexibility and extra income he gets driving for Amazon Flex so much that he has recommended it to mates who have also joined the delivery service.

“I love driving around Melbourne and the money is good,” he says.

““It helps me pay the bills and save money. The best thing is that you choose your delivery blocks and actually plan your day properly.

“It’s also not a stressful job. It’s very straightforward in terms of getting the package to the car and then getting it to the customer.”

Mohamed, 34, qualified as an accountant at Latrobe University in Melbourne and often works mornings as an Amazon Flex delivery partner before starting his accountancy work which he does from his Melbourne home.

It’s the flexibility of being able to choose when to work that really appeals to Mohamed because he also proudly shares the parenting of his three children, nine-year-old son Zaeem, four-year-old daughter Zaara and eight-month old baby daughter Zaima with his wife, Mubeena.

And the extra income he’s earned from Amazon Flex has helped him and his wife Mubeena save for a dream holiday back to their birth country of Sri Lanka. This year his family will spend Christmas with their relatives in Colombo for the first time in three and a half years.

Amazon Flex DP Mohammad walking with Amazon box

“It’s the first time Zaima will meet the rest of the family, and we’re very excited to go back,” smiles Mohamed, who says it will give his children a chance to get to know their aunties and uncles and experience the culture he grew up with.

He started delivering Amazon packages about 18 months ago when Melbourne was experiencing a series of Covid-related lockdowns.

“A friend recommended Amazon Flex to me and I liked it right from the start,” he says.

“I signed up online and found it all very straightforward. I usually prefer the early morning blocks starting at 8.30 or 9am, as I like to get things done early. And recently I’ve been doing five-hour blocks because I enjoy it so much and the money is good.”

Mohamed says he’s also found some health benefits.

“It’s also great exercise, as I’m getting my steps up whilst delivering packages,” he says; “and it has really helped me pay the bills.”

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