Welcoming you to Amazon's Melbourne office: Where tradition meets innovation

As Amazon continues to invest in Australia, we’re excited to share an inside look at our newest building in Melbourne’s CBD. The 13,000 sqm of new office and collaboration space is home to over 650 employees working across Amazon.com.au, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Amazon Devices, and Project Kuiper. This is the first Amazon building in Australia to have an Amazon logo signage on the building.

A space for collective growth and wellbeing

The accessible location in downtown Melbourne is well serviced by transportation options. The lower floor of Amazon's Melbourne office reflects our commitment to partnership and wellbeing. In collaboration with Charter Hall, we've created a space that responds to the evolving needs of our Amazonians. The Wellness Zone and building mobile app are just a few examples of how we're catering to the wellbeing of employees. Our end-of-trip facilities are a testament to our dedication to flexibility and connection in today's working world.

A hall with many pillows placed on the stair seats
the top view of the seating hall

A design tribute to Melbourne's rich culture

Upon reaching the office, you'll find a space that celebrates Melbourne. Highlighting Melbourne’s buzzing city culture, coffee and tram inspired artwork adorns the walls, alongside Amazon Leadership Principles. There’s also real purpose behind the wealth of artworks here. Amazon believes that art has the power to fuel creative thinking, innovation and imagination. Meeting room names are dedicated to top Australian artists with links to Melbourne, such as Kylie Minogue and AC / DC.

Spaces for creativity and collaboration

Some of the coolest things to try out in the Melbourne office are our collaboration spaces. These rooms are equipped with a variety of seating and meeting options like whiteboarding areas, living room lounge setups, breakout discussion rooms, phone booths, conference-style board rooms, as well as traditional desk seating. Surveys and workshop groups were held with employees alongside consultation with our Employee Affinity Groups to create help create spaces that cater for our diverse workforce.

The Super Hub dining facility has been created to encourage teams and colleagues to cook and eat together in one communal space. The office also has outdoor BBQ and terrace facilities to encourage team connection.

Space collaboration
Space for collaboration

Furry friends welcome

It’s not just humans who benefit from designer digs — dogs can get in on the Melbourne office action too. Amazon Australia’s Dogs at Work program allows employees to bring their dogs to work, with more than 40 dogs in Melbourne registered to join in the office fun. A dedicated outdoor dog playground gives pups a chance to take a break, have a play and stretch their legs during the day.

A wall with Amazon employee's dogs
Photo wall of Amazon employee's dogs

Taking time to play

At the end of the working day — or when a break is needed — Melbourne employees can hit the games area – an interactive space to relax and have fun. Housing arcade machines, a tennis table and a pool table, the games area is another feature that has been created to further encourage creative thinking and to facilitate team building.

An inside look at the AWS Builder Studio

The Melbourne collaborative space helps customers spark creativity and bring ideas to life with emerging AWS technologies.

AWS has opened its first AWS Builder Studio in Asia-Pacific, in the new Melbourne office. Spanning 350 square metres, the AWS Builder Studio is the second facility of its kind globally.

AWS Studio Builder counter

The studio, which has been developed independently of AWS’s plan to also invest $13.2 billion in Australia from 2023 to 2027, will give customers across the region hands-on experience with the latest and emerging technologies while leveraging Amazon’s culture of innovation to bring possibilities to life with the cloud.

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