We have delivered the Amazon Prime Tiny Holiday House—a tiny house packed full of some of our top items, to bushfire victim Nina in Nymboida, NSW.

The winning entry, chosen by judge Fabio Paulucci from Aussie Tiny Houses, came from Linda Giuliano, who nominated her close friend, Nina, after she and her daughter lost their home in early November to the bushfires in the state’s mid and north coasts.

Ms. Jongen, recipient of the Amazon Prime Tiny Holiday House, said: “On the 8th November a huge and unimaginable fire storm tore through our small community. The fire continued to burn for two days, destroying over 85 homes and scorching the forests. My daughter and I lost our home and our world was turned upside down. As a family we now face the long road ahead to clean up, regenerate and rebuild our lives, and the Amazon Prime Tiny House is definitely going to help us on this journey.”

Now 33-years-old, Nina has lived in the rural village of Nymboida for more than 32 years, recently moving back into her family home to raise her 9-year-old daughter Miwanyo as a single parent.

Commenting on being given the house, Nina said: “My family are blown away, immensely grateful and excited beyond belief. The delivery of the Amazon Prime Tiny Holiday House is an incredible silver lining on what has been a very dark cloud. Linda is an amazing friend, and I am so touched that she has done this for me.”

Linda, who put forward Nina to win the house in her place, said: “I nominated Nina as she is a truly special woman, who always gives to others. Nina and her family have faced tremendous loss over the last couple of months, and she deserves some festive joy brought back to her life during this difficult time.”

The Tiny House filled with Amazon Prime products was be delivered to Nina’s Nymboida land on Wednesday 18 December, one week before Christmas Day.

Matt Furlong, Country Manager for Amazon Australia said, “We are so pleased to be delivering the Amazon Prime Tiny Holiday House to a truly deserving winner. Ms. Jongen’s recent loss is heartbreaking, and the fact she was nominated by a friend is a true demonstration of festive cheer during this difficult period. We hope that Nina and her daughter find some happiness through this gift ahead of the Christmas period as they begin to rebuild their lives.”

Fabio Paulucci, Judge of the Competition and Managing Director of Aussie Tiny Houses said, “With tens of thousands of entries from the funny to the heart breaking, it was hard to choose one winner. However, the one that really stood out was Linda’s entry, in which she nominated her friend Nina who is indisputably in need of some extra cheer.”