Transparency is a product serialisation service that builds on our long-standing work and innovative solutions focused on ensuring that customers always receive authentic goods when shopping in Amazon's stores. Transparency allows brands to uniquely identify each unit they produce through the application of unique codes on the product or its packaging. These codes allow Amazon to inspect and authenticate every unit enrolled in Transparency proactively, preventing counterfeits from ever reaching customers. Additionally, customers can use a mobile app to scan the code and verify authenticity regardless of where they purchase the products. To date, Transparency has prevented the shipment of over 500K suspected counterfeits across the enrolled brands.

A brand enrolls their products in Transparency.
Brand applies Transparency codes to their product packaging.
Amazon scans Transparency codes to ensure only authentic products are shipped to customers.
Customers can use a mobile app to authenticate products from any store.

Over 10,000 brands—from Fortune 500 companies and global brands, to startups and small businesses in countries around the world including Spectrum Brands, Neato, Petrichor, Skullcandy, Salom, Nomader, and Naples Naturals—have already enrolled in Transparency.

We are also excited to announce the launch of Amazon Transparency in Australia and Japan, making it available in 10 countries where we have a store. As we continue to expand Transparency's global reach, add new features, and make it simpler and more self-service for brands to enroll, we've been humbled by the positive response from many brands. Some of the benefits that brands have seen so far include:

"LG sees Transparency as a great way to ensure that consumers use genuine LG filters while protecting them from counterfeit products."
- LG Electronics USA, a leading innovator in home appliances

"By having the Transparency seal on our products, we give consumers confidence that the products they are purchasing for their pets are authentic, effective and formulated as labeled."
- Spectrum Brands, a Fortune 500 company that owns several pet care companies

"Transparency has allowed us to grow consumer confidence in our products and prevent inauthentic products from ending up in the hands of our customers."
- Neato, a maker of robotic vacuum cleaners

"With Transparency, consumers can buy with confidence knowing that the products are authentic and high quality. This program grows confidence in our brand and prevents counterfeits from being delivered to consumers. It’s a win-win for brands and consumers.”
- Sumeet Raj Aggarwal, owner of the small business in India, Petrichor

In addition to Australia and Japan, Transparency is already available in Canada, France, Germany, India, Italy, Spain, the UK, and the U.S. Products currently enrolled in Transparency are automatically verified for authenticity in all countries where Transparency is available.

Learn more about Transparency and how to enroll.