The flowers have been bought, the card written, a cup of tea made, and Alexa’s at the ready to help celebrate all the amazing mums around the world, including yours.

Be the perfect child
You won’t forget the big day with Alexa here to add reminders, events to your calendar and even help you get in touch on this special day.
“Alexa, remind me to call Mum on May 10th”
“Alexa, call Mum
“Alexa, drop in on Mum”

A helping hand
Need gift ideas? Want the perfect soundtrack for brunch? Need to dash to the shops? Alexa can help with local stores, opening hours, music, present suggestions and more.
“Alexa, where’s the nearest florist?"
"Alexa, play love songs radio on iHeartRadio"
“Alexa, what should I do for Mother’s Day?”

Make her smile
These go out to all the mums... Alexa has a bunch of fun utterances to put a smile on her dial.
“Alexa, happy Mother’s Day!”
“Alexa, do a rap for mum”
“Alexa, who is the best mum?”
“Alexa, tell me a flower joke”

Spoil her
Show your mum how much you appreciate her with some delicious homemade treats or a round of applause.
“Alexa, what’s a good Mother’s Day recipe?”
“Alexa, give me a good breakfast recipe”
“Alexa, give me a pancake recipe”
“Alexa, give mum a round of applause”

Discover More
Alexa has a lot more ways to keep you entertained. Potter fans, experience spellbinding stories and games on Alexa, or browse more ways to play on Boredom Busters.

Please Note: Wifi required. Certain services are subject to change or withdrawal at anytime, may not be available in all areas, and may require separate subscriptions.