Say G’day! - even when you’re away

What does everyone need? Good Neighbours!

At Ring, we want to bring good neighbours together, because we know that a strong community spirit makes neighbourhoods safer. With that in mind, it’ll come as no surprise that we’re big fans of the iconic TV show Neighbours and we have really missed our daily catch-up with the Ramsay Street community. No matter what, the residents of this tiny street were always there for each other, to make their neighbourhood stronger. So we were totally rapt to hear that after 37 years and over 9000 episodes, Neighbours was finally returning thanks to Network 10, Prime Video and Amazon Freevee. Stoked!

Can’t come to the door? No worries!

With the Quick Replies feature activated, your Ring Video Doorbell answers the door using your favourite Neighbours-themed message. It’s like an answering machine for your front door...but with an Australian accent.

There are three Neighbours-themed messages to choose from, all voiced by Neighbours star Ryan Moloney, better known as Toadfish. Whether you’re busy scorching snags on the barbie, or you’ve gone walkabout, your Ring Video Doorbell and Toadie will take care of greeting your visitors.

Ripper responses

· “G-day mate, they’re busy doing some good neighbourly deed because, crikey, we all know ‘everyone needs good neighbours’! Why don’t you leave them a message?”
· “Shh, someone is at the door! They’ll be right there."
· “Hang on, they’ve got the TV on and it’s the cliffhanger moment. They’ll be right there.”

To set up Quick Replies, you’ll need to open the Ring app and then follow these steps:

1. Tap the three lines in the top left of your dashboard
2. Tap Devices
3. Select your Ring Video Doorbell
4. Tap the Smart Responses tile
5. Toggle Quick Replies on
6. Tap Enable Feature when it appears on the next screen
7. Tap Quick Reply Message
8. Choose your favourite Quick Reply Message from Toadie himself
9. Tap Save to finish.

It really is that easy! Now, your visitors will be greeted by a reply from one of their famous Neighbours, whenever they press your Ring Video Doorbell. Plus, if you’re a Ring Protect subscriber, you can scroll back through your timeline and watch the messages left by your visitors, all from the Ring app. If you spot anything suspicious while you’re scrolling, you can help make your neighbourhood safer by letting your neighbours know. After all...everybody needs good neighbours, right?

So set up the Quick Replies feature, select your favourite Neighbours-themed message and then relax, knowing your Video Doorbell will handle answering the door for you. No dramas!

Our Neighbours-themed Quick Replies will be available through the Ring app from the 18th September, to the 18th of October.

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