Pump up the volume
No matter where you get your tunes from (Amazon Music, Apple Music or Spotify), Alexa can play your favourite songs. Just link your account via the Alexa app and then request the song, artist or playlist you want. No music subscription? No worries. Just ask for your favourite artist or genre on iHeartRadio.
"Alexa, play party songs"
“Alexa, play happy songs”
“Alexa, play Australia’s Top 100 playlist”

Echo Show on small bookshelf showing music streaming

Kick back with a good (audio)book
Sit back, relax, and listen to the latest audiobooks from Audible on your device. With over 400,000 audiobooks to choose from, there’s something for everyone. Listen to favourites like Zero Day Code, The Good Turn, and Matilda while cooking, doing chores or relaxing before bed.
“Alexa, join Audible”
“Alexa, start my audiobook”
“Alexa, read any audiobook”

Podcasts to stimulate your brain
Never miss an episode of your favourite podcasts thanks to Alexa and TuneIn. Listen to them while you work, cook or just have a lie on the couch. While Pocket Cast users can simply link to their account via the Alexa companion app and enjoy all their top podcast picks with Alexa.
"Alexa, play the Beautiful Anonymous podcast“
“Alexa, open Pocket Casts”

Fun for the whole family
Alexa can keep every member of the household entertained thanks to silly sounds, great shows, fun learning activities, memory games and more. Plus, if you’re an Australian customer with an Echo Show or Echo Spot, you can catch all their favourite shows - like Bluey, The Wiggles and Peppa Pig - through ABC Kids iview.
“Alexa, watch ABC kids”
“Alexa, start SpongeBob Challenge”
“Alexa, make a funny sound”

In the kitchen
Not sure what to do with those random ingredients in the cupboard? Alexa can help you find an easy dinner recipe, bake treats the whole family will love, and even set a timer for your eggs.
“Alexa, give me a pasta recipe”
“Alexa, what can I make with chickpeas, tomato and spinach?”
"Alexa, set a timer for 10 minutes"


Watch it
Echo screen devices are the main stage for everything from comedy to cricket. Those looking for a laugh, check out Hard Quiz or Black Comedy on ABC Comedy or Amazon Prime Video’s award-winning Fleabag. As for cricket fans, you’ll be bowled over by the The Test. The docuseries offers unprecedented access to the men’s Australian Cricket team over 18 months - from the sandpaper scandal in 2018 to retaining the Ashes in 2019.
"Alexa, play The Test on Prime Video”
“Alexa, watch ABC Comedy on iview”

Let’s play
Alexa has a whole host of games and experiences to make you smile - choose from stories, songs, jokes, games and quizzes. Quizmaster Alexa covers a whole host of topics (trivia, adventure, music, science, animals), and has games designed just for kids. You can play solo, with friends or family or even compete against people around the world.
"Alexa, let's play a game"
“Alexa, launch Pirate Island
“Alexa, which planet am I?”

Well-being: healthy mind and body
Alexa can keep you fit, relaxed and help you fall asleep thanks to workouts, meditations and sleep sound skills. No matter your exercise preference, Alexa can find the right workout with 5-minute, 7-minute, ab or HIIT sessions, plank challenges and more.
“Alexa, let’s workout”
“Alexa, let’s meditate”
“Alexa, open sleep sounds”

Find out what’s hitting the headlines
Know what’s going on in the world with news from your favourite source, such as the ABC, Sky News Australia and more. Set up your flash briefing by following these steps and then ask, "Alexa, what's the news?" for your daily update.
“Alexa, what’s my news?”
"Alexa, play news from ABC News“

Something new every day
Alexa likes to keep it fresh, offering daily delights across astrology, facts, trivia and special events.
"Alexa, what's my horoscope?"
"Alexa, what happened today in history?"
“Alexa, good morning”

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Please Note: Wifi required. Services may require subscriptions or other fees.