Swinger parties in Sydney’s leafy northern suburbs, two suspicious deaths, a night no one can forget and a secret those involved can’t escape...

Intrigued? Then get ready to dive ears-first into The Goodbye Party, a recently launched Audible Original audio drama.

Inspired by Sydney’s real-life Bogle-Chandler case of 1963, playwright Louis Nowra (creator of classic Australian play Così) worked with Audible to create the fictional series. Listeners will hear the captivating crackle of on-air chemistry between characters and follow retired detective James O’Malley as he investigates a decade’s long mystery his late father was obsessed with.

Ben Oxenbould (Wolf Creek, Deep Water), Steve Bisley (Mad Max, Water Rats) and Leeanna Walsman (Wentworth, Looking For Alibrandi) lead a cast of over 40 performers to bring the Aussie story to life.

Like your favourite binge-worthy screen series, The Goodbye Party creates a gripping world to immerse yourself in. The audio format allows listeners to follow the thrilling story on-the-go, firing up the imagination while commuting, cooking or exercising.

The Goodbye Party is just one title in a fast-growing slate of local Audible Originals shining a light on Aussie experiences and sparking thought-provoking conversation.

Ready to delve into the murky underside of suburbia? Head to audible.com.au/goodbye and get The Goodbye Party free with a 30 day trial.