We are excited to be highlighting some of the great female talent we make available to customers every day on both Prime Video and Amazon Music Unlimited.

Through Prime Video we are excited to highlight powerful women actors, directors, writers, and producers whose creations we celebrate every day. We asked some of these fearless women who has inspired them throughout their careers, and here is what we learned.

“In 1994, the first season of ER, I had Supreme honor of doing my first episode as OBGYN Janet Coburn. The episode, called Love's Labor Lost, was directed by producer Mimi Leder, the first female graduate of the American Film Institute. She was extraordinary - a calm presence, a stunning vision, and a way of bringing out the very best in all of us. It was the episode that won an Emmy for ER, and one of the highlights of my career.” – Amy Aquino, Bosch

“I’m inspired by all of the women from the series I’m blessed to be a part of, Bosch. I’ve been on the show since I was 15 and to have that sort of representation in my workplace from such a young age is an experience not most people have and I am so lucky. I hope all of the amazing women that I work with know how grateful I am for them and that I’ve grown up looking up to them and I’ve learned so much and I’m extremely lucky to have such badass women in my life.” – Madison Lintz, Bosch

“Penny Marshall is a massive influence for me. She transitioned from acting to directing at a time when it was basically unheard of for women to do so. And the films she made, the absolute heart and meaning and sense of humor behind them... (“Awakenings” being my favorite.) I look up to her tremendously and am so grateful she paved the way for women like me.” – Diana Hopper, Goliath

“I’m currently obsessed with The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, so Rachel Brosnahan for her role as Midge. Her character is a representation of female empowerment, whilst maintaining charm and hilarity! Also, Viola Davis for her vulnerability. Every time I see her on screen, I see that it costs her something and that isn’t easy to do. She’s fantastic!” – Karen Fukuhara, The Boys

“Phoebe Waller-Bridge has been a constant inspiration to me in my career as I aspire to push the limits of what I can accomplish as a female in this industry. I use her work as a blueprint for my own writing, acting, producing and directing. She has a distinct and authentic voice that has helped me artistically and personally. Whenever I feel unseen (or whenever I need a laugh) I re-watch Fleabag and I remember that I belong to a crass, broken, wickedly delicious tribe. Thank you, Miss Waller-Bridge. Thank you Amazon for housing such perfect television.” – Rosa Salazar, Undone

“My favorite is Julia Louis- Dreyfus. I am a huge fan of VEEP and have watched every season 4 times! Julia is a master story and joke teller, and my dream is to have the career and success she has had.” – Angelique Cabral, Undone

Turning to Amazon Music, a host of trailblazing female artists – including Australia’s own Courtney Barnett, Delta Goodrem, The Veronicas, Meg Mac, Thelma Plum and many more - have joined forces with Amazon Music to guest curate playlists featuring the music that means the most to them.

The ‘Guest Curator’ playlists - available exclusively to Amazon Music Unlimited subscribers - provide unique insight into the artists’ musical tastes, current obsessions and formative influences. Amazon Music customers can listen to the playlists through the app, or simply ask, ‘Alexa, play music for International Women's Day' in the Amazon Music app for iOS and Android and on Alexa-enabled devices.

The Veronicas’ Lisa and Jessica Origliasso said, “we’re excited to be a part of Amazon Music’s International Women’s Day initiative. We’ve put together a playlist of amazing female musicians - pioneers and the new generation. Music unites us and the fight for equality inspires us. Happy International Women’s Day!”

Here are some of the playlists curated by Australia artists for your listening pleasure:

o Courtney Barnett
o Delta Goodrem
o The Veronicas
o Meg Mac
o Thelma Plum
o Kate Miller-Heidke
o Odette
o Kira Puru
o Alex Lahey
o Stella Donnelly