With music listening powered by our voice service, Alexa, Prime Members can use their voice to find the perfect music to fit a variety of moods and occasions. By simply asking Alexa to “play music,” listeners can experience top hits from artists including Lorde, Gang of Youths, Kendrick Lamar, Carrie Underwood, Tame Impala and more, no searching or browsing required. And best of all, Prime Music is included in every new and existing Prime membership at no additional cost.

In addition to playlists and stations such as “Pop Hits,” “Hip-Hop Workout,” “Upbeat Indie Hits,” and “Relaxing Alternative”, Prime Music offers numerous hand-curated playlists and stations built specifically for the Australian music fan. These include the Amazon Original “Made in Australia” playlist, featuring newly-recorded covers of classic songs by local artists, exclusively available on Amazon Music.

With Prime Music, Australians have access to 40 hours of playback every month with no limits on skips or repeat plays. They can also save playlists, albums and more for offline playback on mobile devices. For even more music, Prime members have the ability to upgrade to a subscription to Amazon Music Unlimited, Amazon Music’s premium streaming tier launched in Australia earlier this year, offering customers a catalogue of more than 50 million tracks for a monthly or annual subscription, separate to a Prime subscription.

Amazon Music has reimagined music listening with natural language voice controls powered by Alexa, making it easier for customers to request music in natural ways including by mood, genre, era and more, at home or on-the-go with Alexa in the Amazon Music app on mobile.

Customers can ask Alexa:

· Looking for a specific song? Just say “Alexa, play the Amy Shark song ‘Adore’.”

· Excited to hear the new album you’ve been waiting for? Simply request, “Alexa, play Staying at Tamara’s by George Ezra” or “Alexa, play the new album by Jason Aldean.”

· Need music to match your mood? “Alexa, play happy music” or “Alexa, play relaxing music”

· Planning a summer party and need a soundtrack? “Alexa, play the ‘Backyard Anthems’ playlist.”

· Looking for genre hits from a specific era? Ask, “Alexa, play rock music from the 90s” or “Alexa, play hip-hop from the 2000s.”

· Know what type of music you want to hear, but can’t think of a playlist or album? Just ask, “Alexa, play pop music” or “Alexa, play country music.”

To start listening to Prime Music today, download the Amazon Music app in Android and iOS app stores or visit amazon.com.au/primemusic. Eligible customers who are not already Prime members can begin streaming Prime Music with a 30-day free trial of Amazon Prime today, with Alexa in the Amazon Music app for iOS and Android, on all Echo devices, as well as on Mac, PC and on the Fire TV Stick Basic Edition.