How we design our store to serve customers

Amazon Australia stands for low prices and fast, convenient delivery across the broadest selection of products. These promises are a big reason customers continue to come back to our store to purchase the goods they need. Our selling partners are building thriving businesses in the Amazon store in part because they share our commitment to customers, and we celebrate their success. We care, above all else, about maintaining customers’ trust.

Helping customers search for the products they want

When customers come to our store, we provide many ways for them to find products that meet their needs, including categories to browse, highlighted deals, personal recommendations and product search. When customers choose to search in our store, we show them products we think they’ll want to buy. We’re constantly refining our predictions based on factors like customer actions (such as how frequently an item was purchased by other customers), information about the item (such as the title, price, and description), delivery speed, and whether we think the item will be of interest (like the latest mobile phone model or a recording artist’s new album release). Customers tell us through their actions whether they’re satisfied with our search results and we’re constantly trying to improve to optimise the best possible search experience for customers.

Helping customers by featuring the best product offer

Once a customer has found a product they’re interested in, our store often has multiple listings from different selling partners. Each selling partner sets its own price, shipping fees, delivery promise, and returns policy. When there are multiple selling partners offering the same product, we feature the offer customers are most likely to choose, the featured offer, prominently on the product page. All offers, whether from Amazon retail or other selling partners, can become one of the featured offers based on the same criteria. These include low price (inclusive of delivery), fast delivery, and a track record of good customer service (such as order defect rates, cancellation rates, and late shipment rates). Customers can still view all of the available non-featured offers for the product on the product page.

View other sellers on Amazon

The featured offer factors in past customer choices, showing what customers are most likely to buy if they compared all of the available offers. Customer preference determines which offer we feature. Data shows that the vast majority of customers who take the time to compare all of the offers ultimately select the offer we’ve featured on the product page, which confirms that we’re doing a good job predicting what customers want.

We don’t want to disappoint customers, so if we or our selling partners don’t have a good offer that we’re confident will preserve customer trust in our store, we won’t feature an offer at all. We’d rather the customer not buy that product from Amazon Australia than have a poor shopping experience and lose trust in Amazon. Of course, even when we choose not to feature a particular offer, customers can still view all of the available offers for that product.

Customers can view all of the available offers
Customers can view all of the available offers for purchasing a product right on the product page.

Our store is designed to show customers the products we think they’ll want to buy, creating a shopping experience that helps increase customer trust. This means that customers will come back and shop more often, buying more from all selling partners. The result is a virtuous circle with many winners – our store is enhanced, selling partners benefit and more customers find the products that meet their needs.