Whether it's because you’ve made an impulsive buy or had a sudden change of heart, returning an item on Amazon Australia is straightforward. Let's walk through the steps you should take to return your Amazon purchase if the standard cancellation window has passed.

6 easy steps to returning an order if you can't cancel it on Amazon Australia

  1. Go to Your Orders.
  2. Locate the order with the item to be returned and choose Return items. If purchased from a third-party seller, the button may say 'Return or replace items.' Select the 'Return or replace items' button.
  3. Choose the items you wish to return.
  4. Enter the number of items you're returning, select a reason from the dropdown menu, and add any additional comments in the provided box.
  5. If Amazon AU fulfilled your item, click Continue and select your return option. If your item was sold and fulfilled by a third-party seller, click Submit Return Request. For more information on returning items purchased from a third party-seller, see below.
  6. Choose your return option. Amazon generates a return label/code for you. Follow the instructions on the label/code when sending your return package.

How to prepare your item/s for return

  • If your item(s) is eligible for return via Drop-off, you'll see prepaid Australia Post or ParcelPoint return options. You will receive a self-ship label if your item is ineligible for a prepaid return. Generally, items that are fulfilled by Amazon AU are eligible for prepaid returns; for more details on our returns policies, see here.
  • To print your return label, go to "Manage Returns", then print the label and return authorisation. Place the return authorisation in the package, then attach the label to the outside.
  • An order with the same shipping speed as your original item will be created to request a replacement item. Use the provided return code or label to return your original item within 30 days of the replacement request; otherwise, you will be charged for both items.

How to return items purchased from a third-party seller

  • After you've made your return request (see '6 easy steps to returning an order' above), your seller should provide a return label or instructions on how to return your items through their returns policy. If haven't heard back from the seller on your return request within two business days, you can request a refund under the A-to-Z Guarantee.

Return instructions for specific items


Before returning any device (e.g. laptop, camera, mobile phone, etc.) that has saved your personal information, make sure to erase it completely. Additionally, log out of any accounts on the device (e.g. cloud account) before shipping it back to us.

Large items (domestic orders sold and fulfilled by Amazon)

If you're returning an item from a metropolitan Sydney, Melbourne, or Brisbane address, you can generate a pre-paid return label using the Online Returns Centre. If you need to return an item from an address outside of Sydney, Melbourne, or Brisbane metro areas, you can start the return process through the Online Returns Centre. Amazon will provide a self-ship return label, but you must arrange a self-ship return and pay the return shipping cost to your chosen carrier. To learn more about return shipping fees, click here.

To learn more about Change of Mind Returns Policies, click here.

Faulty items

To return faulty items, click here.

Gift orders

To return gift orders, click here.

And that’s a wrap—you’re all set to return your item. Facing trouble or need further assistance with your return? Reach out to Amazon customer service for help.

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