Aussie shoppers are always looking for ways to save money and that is more relevant now than ever. Amazon's Prime Member sale event, Prime Day, which begins at 12:00am on Tuesday the 12th of July, offers the chance to save big.

Here are my tips on how to make the most of Amazon’s massive Prime Day event:

1. Spend now to save time, money and stress later

For busy Australians and specifically parents, the weeks leading up to special moments such as birthdays can be stressful. Leaving things last minute can easily lead to overspending and breaking the budget. There are also the unexpected events like baby showers and parties that pop up.

This is why you should plan ahead. If you shop early in the year, you can save a great deal of money and reduce a lot of stress during busier times. Amazon Prime Day provides Prime Members with this opportunity. By spending now, you can save time, money, and stress and you'll thank yourself later. I like to have a range of products ‘just in case’ for the various last minute moments that pop up!

2. Get other jobs ticked off while shopping to reduce stress

Over the years, I've saved so much time, money, and stress by getting tasks completed in bulk. As an example, I cook in bulk and always group errands together. Fuel prices make this a necessity right now and it's even better not to have to spend on petrol at all.

If I can get my non-perishable grocery list done while I shop for the upcoming birthdays in my life on, this is a win-win. It always makes sense to bulk buy the products you know you use frequently, cereal, cleaning products, make up, toiletries… whatever you know you will need. Better yet, you can use Amazon's Subscribe and Save service to set and forget on some of the products you know you will use frequently. Subscribe and Save enables customers to sign up for scheduled repeat deliveries on eligible products they routinely shop for with the benefit of a 10% discount and free delivery. You may want to consider subscribing to products so that they arrive just before you run out and with an added discount!

3. Choose subscriptions that offer value during tough times

Every three months, I make it a habit to cut expenses. Subscriptions are often a big expense for consumers and as we navigate our busy lives, we can inherit a lot of them. Movies, music, and audiobooks are among our favourite ways of consuming media and to achieve our well-earned downtime, we often patch together many different subscriptions as we are busy.

We might sign up for different movie, book, and music subscriptions in a hurry because we want it now. The Amazon Prime membership offers so much in one place for just $6.99 a month and the option to cancel anytime – from access to 2 million songs, thousands of stations and top playlists with Amazon Prime Music, exclusive and award winning Prime Original series and other popular movies and TV shows with Prime Video, a selection of over 1,000 e-books with Prime reading, and video gaming benefits.

In my view, Amazon Prime is a no-brainer subscription as it offers a range of entertainment benefits and free shipping on millions of eligible items. The subscription offers a lot of value in one simple package and you can also save 30 per cent through an annual subscription! When times are tough, always look for value in your memberships and subscriptions.

4. Buy products that will last a long time

With Prime Day, Amazon offers Prime Members a great selection of branded items at lower prices. This is a spectacular event for Prime Members to get their hands on their favourite branded gear when otherwise they might not be able to afford it. More than one hundred thousand products are available at discounted prices during Prime Day from both big brands and small local businesses. Apple, Barbie, Bosch, Bose, Garmin, GHD, Instant Pot, Lego, Lenovo, North Face, Nintendo, Oculus, and Samsung are among them.

You may want to check out some of the products from Australian businesses on the Shop Local Businesses Store. During Prime Day, Prime members will be able to access deals from Australian small and medium businesses. So, if you love the good karma of helping local businesses thrive, Amazon Prime Day is a great event for making savings while supporting local.

5. Make sure delivery standards meet your expectations

Consumers today are looking to maximise every dollar and avoid wasting time. Getting our goods in a timely manner is one of the main concerns for shoppers in 2022. Although it is great to grab a bargain, many of us would rather not have to wait for the goods we purchase.

Amazon Australia has more than doubled its operational footprint in 2022 with the launch of its first robotics fulfilment centre earlier this year. With this expansion, the company now has storage space across six fulfilment centres, doubling its capacity for small to medium sized items, such as consumer electronics, books, toys, cosmetics and pantry items. Thanks to this, Prime members have access to free delivery on millions of Prime eligible items in as fast as two days.

Above all, have fun shopping while you soak up the savings this Amazon Prime Day 2022.

New members can sign up at

  • Access the 30-day free trial
  • Then pay $6.99 per month or save 30 percent on an annual membership at $59 AUD. Prime members can cancel monthly or annual memberships at any time!