More than half of Australian online shoppers support deliveries that come in the manufacturer’s original packaging without an added box or bag because they think it’s better for the planet, and Amazon makes it easy for customers to receive eligible items this way.

Customers don’t even have to “opt in” to receive their purchases with no added packaging. Thanks to our Ships in Product Packaging programme, if an item is eligible, a message appears during check-out explaining that the product will arrive in packaging that ‘shows what’s inside’.

Customers who prefer to conceal their orders can click on the drop-down menu and select the option to ‘Hide what’s inside, dispatch in Amazon packaging’.

Steps to reduce packaging for more eco-friendly deliveries

“We know there are times when customers prefer that we add packaging to their order. For example, if an item is intended to be a gift for another family member in the same household. We don’t want to ruin that surprise. That’s why in many cases we offer customers the option to have their item gift wrapped or sent in an Amazon box, even though the item is capable of shipping without additional packaging,” said Janet Menzies, Amazon Australia’s country manager.

To make even more items available for shipping without added packaging, Amazon is working with product makers to design and test packaging for their products.

Amazon works with manufacturers to design products capable of shipping safely without added delivery packaging

Where packaging is necessary, we use machine learning algorithms to help make smart packaging choices for customers, so that the packaging fits well, uses as little material as possible, and protects customers’ orders. Globally since 2015, Amazon has reduced the weight of outbound packaging per shipment by 41% on average and eliminated more than 2 million tons of packaging material.

To read the full results of the study on Australians supporting minimal packaging for more sustainable deliveries, go to: Sustainability first: New study shows Australians support minimal packaging for more eco-friendly deliveries. And learn more about how Amazon is reducing packaging here.