Amazon has corporate offices across Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, Adelaide and Canberra. But it’s at its Sydney Campus — the largest Amazon corporate workplace in the Southern Hemisphere — where wow-worthy extras and facilities abound. From rooftop barbecues and playful puppies, to gaming rooms and selfie booths, read on to get a sneak peek at what Aussie Amazonians experience on a typical day at the office.

A flexible workspace 

A core design feature of the Sydney office is its non-prescriptive work spaces — spaces that are designed to allow employees to choose where and how they work. There are areas created specifically for collaboration, multiple quiet nooks for head down times, and a beautiful rooftop — a rooftop that takes in dazzling views across Sydney's famed Darling Harbour — which is perfect for working whilst getting fresh air and sunshine.

The ability to choose a space suited to individual preferences and working styles empowers the team and provides more opportunities for connecting with other colleagues.

Amazon Sydney Office Rooftop Seating
Amazon Sydney Office Rooftop View
Amazon Sydney Office Non-Prescriptive Work Spaces

A space that’s uniquely Australian

Designed to inspire and to spur creativity, the Sydney office features colourful artwork across every floor.

Homegrown pieces from a diverse range of artists, both international and local, including Indigenous and non-Indigenous artists, reflects the diversity of Amazonians working here. Two of these artists have taken inspiration from the unique flora and fauna of Sydney, which deliberately offers a real connection to places and a distinctive design that sets the offices apart from other Amazon corporate offices globally.

There’s also real purpose behind the wealth of artworks here. Amazon believes that art has the power to fuel creative thinking, innovation and imagination. Plus, a permanent photo booth and adjoining ‘selfie wall’ ensure the environment is as fun as it is inspiring.

Amazon Sydney Office Selfie Wall
Amazon Sydney Office Artwork

Furry friends welcome

It’s not just humans who benefit from designer digs, dogs can get in on the Amazon Australia office action too.

Amazon loves dogs. And, just as employees have helped shape the design of the work spaces, employees have also driven Amazon Australia’s Dogs at Work policy, which was introduced last year following a survey commissioned by Amazon Australia and which revealed that 71 percent of dog owners would love to be able to take their pets into the office.

Approved pups are then given a special welcome Woof Pack', which includes a bowl, collar pendant, snacks and map of pooch-friendly work spaces.

The Sydney office goes one step further with puppy-focused themed days and events, such as annual ‘Howl-loween’ and doggie fashion parades, where everyone can join in on the fun.

Amazon Sydney Office Dogs at Work Policy

Taking time to play

At the end of the working day — or when a break is needed — Amazon Australia’s Sydney staffers can hit the games room – an interactive space to relax and have fun.

Housing console games and VR gear, the gaming room is another feature that has been created to further encourage creative thinking and to facilitate team building.

Amazon Sydney Office Console Games and VR Gear Room
Amazon Sydney Office Games Room

Food for thought  

Amazon Australia’s teams are fuelled with an array of food and drink options.

Espresso coffees and tea, fruit, fresh juice, popcorn, chips, Tim Tams (naturally), instant noodles, sparkling water and soft drinks are on hand in kitchen areas for whenever anyone needs a snack or to quench their thirst.

The communal kitchen facilities are another way Amazon Australia encourages employees to get to know one another. It’s a similar story on the aforementioned outdoor terrace where outdoor barbecues are set amongst lush greenery against a backdrop of cityscape vistas.

Here, regular functions, celebrations, impromptu pow wows, seasonal parties, and Amazon staple calendar fixtures, including Prime Day and Black Friday, take place. These events are a time for Amazonians to come together as a work family, all while soaking in the amazing display of the sun setting against a backdrop of gleaming skyscrapers and glistening water.

Amazon Sydney Office Communal Kitchen

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