Muhammad, 27 is a social media influencer and content creator from Sydney’s northern beaches who stumbled across Amazon Flex almost by accident three years ago, and became an instant fan of the flexibility, security and convenience it provided.

“At the time I was looking for a flexible earning opportunity to make some extra cash on the side and applied for a food delivery service as well as Amazon Flex,” he says.

Muhammad says he ended up delivering with the food delivery service a few times, but he says the unpredictability of the earnings left him short, and didn’t compare to the more favourable earnings he could make at Amazon Flex.

“I immediately decided to do Amazon Flex and scheduled my delivery blocks. I ended up doing four-hour blocks, a few days a week,” he says.

“I like the security of knowing what I will earn, but mainly it’s the flexibility.”

Muhammad promised himself when he gave up his 9-5 job as a warehouse assistant manager that no matter whatever career he chose next, he was determined to be his own boss and also wanted flexibility to enjoy a good work life balance.

“If I don’t feel like delivering for Amazon Flex on a particular day, then that’s on me, and not decided by someone else,” he says, adding that the flexibility also gives him time to develop his burgeoning career as a social media influencer.

He has recently finished his degree in international tourism at the International College of Management in Sydney, and has taken on a role as a content creator and editor at the college – but has no intention of giving up delivering with Amazon Flex.

“I’m coming up to my third year as an Amazon Flex delivery partner, and I have recommended it to my friends. My partner, two friends and a cousin have all started the registration process!” he says.

Muhammad laughs sheepishly as he explains he quit his regular job – and gave up a guaranteed pay packet - to focus on building his career as a social media influencer during the pandemic in what was a huge risk at the time.

“Something inside of me was like, ‘if you don’t try it now, you will regret it when you’re 70 years old’,” he says.

Muhammad posts his humorous gaming videos, on YouTube, Facebook and TikTok, and credits Amazon Flex with allowing him the time to make and edit videos in between driving four hour blocks.

And it has even helped him become financially independent enough to pay all his living costs and save for a beautiful engagement ring for his girlfriend, Taylor, 25. “I saved enough to pay for the ring, and yes she knows it’s coming,” he laughs.

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