Melbourne-based Amazon Australia Operations Manager, Georgina says mental health is every bit as important as physical health, and urges everyone to talk about it as we mark RU OK? Day.

“I think it’s a great campaign to raise awareness but it shouldn’t stop on that day,” she says.

“It’s such a relevant question to ask people, and we should regularly check in with all our friends’ families and workmates. It can involve some conversations that some people may shy away from it, but mental health is a priority just like looking after your physical wellbeing.”

Georgina, Amazon Australia Operations Manager on RU OK? Day
Georgina, Amazon Australia Operations Manager on RU OK? Day

Georgina was fortunate to complete a mental health first aid course with Amazon UK before she relocated to Australia, and says it gave her the tools to identify and help people in her life who may be coping with mental health issues - which will affect almost half of all Australian adults during their lives[i].

“Each different section of the course addressed different issues, like suicide, depression or anxiety.

I’ve been able to use this knowledge in my everyday life, as it’s taught me to look out for certain signs such as changes in behaviour, and also taught me how to be an active listener,” she says.

Amazon has long been recognised for its commitment to diversity, inclusion and equity to provide a great work culture where employees are valued and enjoy a safe work environment. Amazon Australia continues to realise how important mental health is to maintaining the health of its employees - and is committed to continuing to building awareness and destigmatising mental health challenges, and supporting mental health initiatives for its employees.

Mental Health First Aid training provides our leaders and volunteers with the tools needed to recognise the signs and support people who are struggling with their mental health.

HR Director of Amazon APAC, Jacqui Marker said, “One of our guiding leadership principles is to lead with empathy. Part of that includes leading and coaching our teams to recognise the signs of friends, families or colleagues who may be facing challenges.”

“The research shows that almost half of us will face challenges with our mental health at some point in our lives, and that the causes are different for each of us - whether it stems from a difficult situation at home, a relationship, physical health issues or anxiety around COVID-19. The important thing is that our teams knows they can bring their whole selves to work, and that we know how to support people when they say they are not ok.”

Nate from Amazon Australia helping to raise awareness on RU OK? Day
Nate from Amazon Australia helping to raise awareness on RU OK? Day

This RU OK? Day at our fulfilment centres, the key message is to check in on friends, family and workmates to establish if they are they really ok with a call to action to “ask them today”.

The team behind the campaign says “trust the signs, trust your gut, and ask RU OK?” and recommend some that you ask, listen, encourage and action – and check in – as some simple steps that everyone can adopt to change a life.

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