For Rachel, any excuse to bake is welcomed with open arms – especially if it’s for a family event.

“I love to bake for the family,” she laughs. “Any occasion calls for a cupcake or a cake!”

Whether it’s a birthday cake or some beautifully iced cupcakes, working four days per week means Rachel is able to fit her family commitments and her love of baking in with her busy job as a Problem Solver at Amazon‘s Fulfilment Centre in Brisbane.

“I’m currently an ambassador,” she says, “which means I train new people that come in. It’s a great role – I love it.”

She’s especially happy with the flexibility of Amazon’s rostering system. Because her husband works nights at his job, Rachel recently put through a request to work night shift to align with his work schedule, and now they’re able to spend more time together.

The change has also allowed for her to have weekends off and Sunday is Rachel’s family day.

When she’s not baking up a storm at home, the flexible work routine also gives her the chance to get out into the wilderness.

“I love bushwalking,” she says. “I’m out in nature – it’s great having the three days off.”

Working as the Problem Solver, and even more so her role as an Ambassador, has brought the formerly quiet and shy mum out of her shell thanks to the welcoming, supportive team she’s working with.

“I used to be quite shy but the fulfilment centre atmosphere brings me out of myself,” Rachel says. “And when I’m teaching people it makes me feel good about them achieving what they can.”

Nearly 12 months after starting the job, Rachel’s upfront about what her role at the fulfilment centre means to her.

“I love it – absolutely love it,” she says. “It’s one of the best jobs I’ve ever had.”