“I’m a builder,” Nora, Amazon Australia’s senior program manager for automation, explained. “What really excited me about Amazon was the opportunity to build something from the ground up because at that point we had only been here for a year. I think there are very few instances in where you can get in at the start and help be part of that story.”

At first glance, a career at the World Bank might seem as different as night and day, to a role at Amazon. Admittedly, there are some differences. Instead of building transport infrastructures across the globe, Nora now brings tools and features to Australia that automate and streamline Amazon’s internal processes and help the business grow in a scalable way. This includes everything from managing inventory health to merchandising category storefronts. “It feels like a big change when I describe my old job, but in essence [at the World Bank] I was a project manager and I was managing multi-million dollar infrastructure investments with governments in developing countries. The way you develop an infrastructure program working with stakeholders from concept to implementation is not so different from what I do now,” Nora said.

Instead of dealing with heads of state, she now works on a team of high-calibre colleagues building something together. Her approach to working on a team is also a classic Amazon Leadership Principle. “I have found that an ability to recognise people’s strengths when I work with them is critical; relationships are key. The ability to work very closely with someone, to earn trust and then build an amazing program—that’s the thing I enjoy most.”

“At the end of the day, my work is not just related to what I’m good at, but what I enjoy. When you enjoy your job, you put a lot of love and passion into it. I love working with people from across the business and collaborating on new programs.”

Absorbing everything Australia has to offer has been another benefit from her time in the country. Born and raised in Europe, she enjoys museums (“including some really cool contemporary galleries with exposure to Asian cultures.”), theaters, and of course the Opera House. And undeniably the outdoor life in Australia is amazing, one of the best of all the places she has ever lived.

While enjoying life outside the office is crucial, Nora always comes back to the thrill she is receiving from this unique opportunity, and one that will continue to grow and allow for her to build new programs and product features.

“The exciting part is we can drive new things in Australia; there is a lot of opportunity here. The next 12 months will see even more building and innovation to the Amazon Australia Store.”