Daniel enjoys riding a motorbike when not working at Amazon's Brisbane fulfilment centre

Daniel started working at the Amazon ship dock in October 2020 and he’s still amazed everyday by the teamwork and camaraderie he has with his colleagues.

“I've been here since October last year, so six months now and loving every minute of it,

It’s great to come into a workplace where everyone is so kind and accommodating to each other,” Daniel noted. “The managers, all the staff, everybody from top to bottom are all so welcoming – it’s amazing.”

Riding his motorbike to work each day, Daniel already had a heightened awareness of safety so it was a natural fit for him to join the Safety Committee shortly after he started in his role at Amazon.

“When I'm on the road, I take safety extremely seriously because it can be so dangerous, particularly on a motorbike,” Daniel says, “It’s made me very safety conscious both on and off the job, becoming second nature to me now in all aspects of my life and volunteering for the Safety Committee felt like a natural fit.”

Every Amazon fulfilment centre (FC) has a Safety Committee, made up of volunteers. The Safety Committee at Amazon’s Brisbane FC have been given the opportunity to complete a company-funded Certificate IV in Workplace Health & Safety, providing them with a recognised qualification as well as an enhanced understanding of safety in the workplace. .

“I volunteered to join the committee and I'm extremely grateful to have had the opportunity to do the qualification, as many of the additional safety insights I'm learning didn't even occur to me prior to my training,” he says, “It's making me a better leader and a better safety ambassador.”

The first task on Daniel’s to do list at the start of each shift is a warm-up with his fellow associates.

“I like to get the gang all together and we do stretches, get the body nice and limber and ready to go for the day,” he explains. But the early huddle isn’t just about limbering up – it’s also a safety check-in.

“We always make sure that on the on-ship dock everyone is in safety shoes and gloves at all times because
there are potential moving parts and pinch points out there that we need to be aware of,” he explains.

“We’re always reminding each other to be safe, because we're a family, we look out for each other with any small thing. Because if you can identify the small potential safety issues, there won't be any big ones.”

Daniel strives to have his team go home to their family and friends, just as they arrived that morning, noting this is a shared ethos of Amazon’s.

"Here at Amazon the safety culture is amazing, everyone who walks through that door is responsible for safety," Daniel says. “And if someone's interested in applying for a role at Amazon, do it. You will not regret it!”

At Amazon the safety of our team is our top priority. We are proud to create a safe and positive work environment for our people and we are always looking for ways to improve safety measures in our buildings.