As we head into Anzac Day we’re incredibly proud at Amazon Australia to support the veteran men and women of our armed forces. Amazon might not be the first company in Australia that comes to mind for the next career step for veterans; the company is able to provide many career opportunities here and internationally for men and women looking for new and exciting challenges after their military career, helping them transition back into civilian life.

Amazon Operations and Amazon Web Services have a number of veterans who have work within the company in Australia.

Nick Challinor is a ten-year Royal Australian Navy veteran specializing in engineering, safety, and project management. He joined the team as an Inbound Operations Manager at Amazon’s Moorebank Fulfilment Centre (FC) in 2018, where he enjoys being able to balance a rewarding career with time committed to his family and friends.

Challinor jokes that the best thing about working at Amazon is not having to wear a uniform

“I have thoroughly enjoyed being part of the launch of the Sydney FC. I love the challenges and the constant change,” said Challinor. “My team have provided substantial support in my transition at Amazon through coaching and closing the gaps between military and civilian employment. Plus, the ability to commit to important events with family and friends, which is something I could never do in the past, has been transformative.”

Amazon’s Senior Program Manager, Lindsay M, also has a military background, serving as a technician in support of Special Forces operations for nine years.

Despite his distinguished career in uniform, Lindsay describes his time at Amazon as an adventure: “No two days are the same. I work as part of Amazon’s Global Security Operations, a team that delivers security services to all of Amazon’s operations sites across the globe, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, every one of which brings new challenges.”

Lindsay has also been able to put some of the problem-solving skills he developed in the military to good use since joining Amazon.

“Amazon is a truly dynamic and fast paced business,” he said. “Being able to rapidly adapt, improvise and overcome, which is something ex-service members are good at, is essential to thriving and being successful here.”

Both Lindsay and Challinor are proud of their military service but are excited about the present and what the future holds with Amazon and both are members of Amazon’s affinity group Warriors@Amazon that supports veterans transition within Amazon and was a keen supporter of the Invictus Games in Sydney in October 2018.

Lindsay said, "I loved every second of the time I spent in the military, but my life now is way better. If you’re driven and have the right skills, the world outside the military is a great place. You just need to have confidence in your abilities.”

At Amazon, we’re honoured to be able to provide a place where former armed services personnel like Nick and Lindsay can apply those abilities and flourish. We’re continuing to work to provide a supportive and positive environment, where we can help them succeed in their post-military career.