This former removalist from Sydney thought his working life was over before the cost of living crisis hit and he went searching for a side hustle that could lift his retirement income and boost his holiday budget.

Amazon Flex proved to be the perfect fit, and for the past three years, Neil has worked as a Amazon Flex delivery partner in a move that’s allowed him to become his own boss and improve his bank balance.

“The first day was a bit nerve-racking, but I got it done and everybody was happy, and I really liked it,” he says.

“It gives me an interest, plus the extra money keeps the bills at bay with the cost of living getting worse, not better. I also really enjoy meeting the customers.”

Amazon Flex delivery partner, Neil making a delivery.

Why I chose Amazon Flex over retirement

Neil, 62, has been working since he was 16 years old, spending much of his working life in warehousing and logistics, before working for a business relocation company, until he opted for an early retirement from a full-time job.

“I moved businesses all over Australia, mainly to capital cities, but when I was approaching 60, I thought I was getting a bit old for all that heavy lifting and I was looking at early retirement,” he explains.

“I know Sydney well from doing removals and I’m used to dealing with customers and clients because it was part of the job. But with Amazon, I’m my own boss and I that’s something I really enjoy. I can pick and choose my delivery blocks and if I need to take a day off, I do.”

Amazon Flex delivery partner, Neil, making a delivery.

Amazon Flex is a great way to save for a holiday

Neil says one of the highlights of being a delivery partner is seeing the faces of customers light up when they receive their parcels.

“Every day is different, which I also like,” he says.

“I think what makes a good Amazon Flex delivery partner is to go that extra mile. If you’re in an apartment block and you can get up to the top floor to deliver to their door, then do so. Don’t just leave it by the door on the ground floor. And the customers really appreciate it.”

Neil tries to work his delivery blocks in the mornings so he can spend time at home caring for his elderly father, who he lives with in Sydney’s north-west, but also loves travelling, and uses the extra income he earns from Amazon to save for regular interstate holidays.

“If you don’t mind driving, it’s a great option to top up your income,” he says.

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