With the demands of studying for a biomedical science degree and a part-time job working as an operating theatre assistant, Mark, was struggling to find a second job that would boost his income and fit his often punishing schedule.

Delivering packages with Amazon Flex proved to be the answer.

“I find it enjoyable,” he says.

“I get in my car and put some music on and deliver packages around Newcastle and the Hunter Valley. I’m outside and I get paid weekly for it. It’s been really easy for me, and it’s almost relaxing because it’s a step away from studying.”

Mark, 32, discovered Amazon Flex about 12 months ago when he was struggling to pay his bills and save up for a close friend’s wedding in the US.

Amazon Flex Delivery Partner, Mark delivering parcels

“I had a goal to make a bit more money, and being a university student and working as an operating theatre assistant, I have a pretty full schedule. It was my brother who heard an ad for Amazon Flex on the radio and suggested it to me.”

Mark says it was a match made in heaven for him because he can plan ahead to work a number of four hour blocks each week when he knows his study and hospital work schedule will allow it.

I know how much I’m getting paid for that time and it’s flexible enough that when I have time I can hop on the app and plan the week, or even often if I have spare time on a particular day, I can see what’s available later that day

He says he looks as the app on Friday’s around 5pm to see what delivery blocks are available for the following week at the Newcastle delivery station, making it a perfect fit for his busy life.

Mark says driving and delivery packages for Amazon Flex is a pleasant distraction from the intensity of studying medicine.

“With my main job work can be inconsistent, so it’s great that I still have Amazon Flex to rely on,” he says.

“What I’ve found is that the innate flexibility of Amazon Flex has really allowed me to use it as I need with my life, and it provides flexibility which I don’t have at university or in my other job all the time.”

He has found it so easy to use and enjoyable that Mark has recommended Amazon Flex to friends, including the close friends who are saving up for their wedding in Washington State, near Seattle next year.

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