Becoming an Amazon Flex driver has opened up a whole range of unexpected upsides for Brisbanite Samir, who started delivering parcels at the start of 2021 after one of his friends recommended the work. He is a 58-year old father of two from Highgate Hill in Brisbane.

“My friend said it was good work, so I started doing it to earn more money to pay for my two daughters’ university,” Samir explains. “Everything I earn goes towards their education.”

Amazon Flex Delivery Partner, Samir
Amazon Flex Delivery Partner, Samir

Aside from the extra money in his pocket, though, Samir says one of the nicest things about the gig is the fact that customers are generally so happy to see him – although always socially distanced, of course!

“They're very nice people, very polite. They’re happy to see me and really appreciate their packages being delivered, which is wonderful,” he says

And Samir says he’s also been blown away by how supportive the workers at the delivery station have been whenever he arrives to collect his packages.

“The team at the delivery station, they're wonderful as well,” he says.

“They’re very friendly, very accommodating. They greet you when you come, they’ll sometimes help put the packages [in your car] if you need it.”

Samir, who typically picks up several blocks each week, has especially enjoyed working the busier periods such as around Prime Day.

Samir delivering an Amazon parcel
Samir delivering an Amazon parcel

But the most surprising thing, Samir says, is how much he’s enjoyed exploring parts of the city he would otherwise never have a reason to visit.

“The other plus point in delivering with Amazon Flex is, it takes me to different areas of Brisbane,” he says.

“It’s nice to see different suburbs, you know, places you wouldn’t always see outside your normal areas.”