After a decade working in warehouse distribution and logistics roles, Ravi Singh says he’s finally found a workplace that’s enabled him to grow his on-the-job experience into a career – as a qualified safety specialist.

Ravi has always had an interest in workplace safety, after a series of minor injuries and ‘near misses’ he encountered in his previous jobs. He could easily see how a lack of safety-oriented work culture could lead to devastating consequences.

“Working within logistics and distribution, I had seen my fair share of workplace injuries and after experiencing some safety near misses myself, it’s an area I have always been quite passionate about,” he says.

When he started at Amazon working in customer fulfillment, Ravi volunteered for the safety committee. When the Amazon safety coordinator role became available, his obvious enthusiasm for the work and experience as a health and safety representative secured him the position in 2019 – and it’s only been upwards from there. Ravi was encouraged to continue his education and qualifications – obtaining a Cert IV in WHS in order to step up into a new role as a safety specialist in early 2021.

An open environment of learning opportunities and mentorship from his manager, as well as regular catch-ups with the wider team, made it possible for Ravi to gain invaluable experience and expand his skill set.

“The development and the team atmosphere is amazing,” Ravi says, “because at all levels, there's someone who’s trying to guide you and help you grow your skills and experience.”

Since taking on his new role this year, Ravi’s worked to implement several initiatives, including the highly successful ‘Safety Saves’ programme, which incorporates ‘mailboxes’ stationed around the Amazon delivery sites for team members to anonymously post their safety questions and concerns.

“Safety to me means getting my workmates home to their families every day. I do feel very responsible for the safety of my workmates. People come to work to make a living for their families. We want to make sure they are protected with the policies, procedures and processes we have in place and make it home safely to enjoy doing things they love; with the people they love.”

Being prepared and ready for the unexpected isn’t an entirely new concept for Ravi. An avid bushwalker, he knows first-hand how important preparation is in staying safe.

“When I’m not at work, I love hiking in the Blue Mountains, and I think that this passion has really translated into my work. Before I go hiking, I always check the weather forecast, route plan and ensure I carry enough water and supplies should something go wrong.

“In the same way, when at work, wearing high-vis and steel cap boots are critical to keeping me safe in a warehouse environment. Put simply, whether you’re walking the site floor or hiking Grand Canyon track, prevention is key.”

From the micro to the macro, Ravi says he’s found support for his goals at every level – and he encourages prospective employees considering a Safety career at Amazon to give it a go.

At Amazon the safety of our team is our top priority. We are proud to create a safe and positive work environment for our people and we are always looking for ways to improve safety measures in our buildings.