When Caila and Caleb first met, they knew pretty quickly that this was the real deal.

So much so, that within just two months the lovebirds were not just living together, but working together as well!

“We met on an app,” Caila explains. “Then a month into us dating, he suggested that I should apply for a job at Amazon, but I lived on the Gold Coast and he was in Brisbane, so the commute would have been a bit hard! So, he said I was more than welcome to stay with him.”

The rest, as they say, is history.

While Caila is a little in the dark as to their Valentine’s Day plans – “Caleb’s actually in charge of that!” – the big day comes only one week after their anniversary.

“Our anniversary is exactly a week before Valentine's Day and I’ve organised that,” she says.

“We're going up to Noosa for the weekend and going jet skiing. We’ve never done it before, so it’s exciting!"

No doubt Caleb has something good up his sleeve for Valentine’s Day, though – Caila reveals he’s quite the romantic.

“I told him once that I'd never gotten flowers from anyone before,” she says.

“And he drove down [to the Gold Coast]. He just drove down after work one time and surprised me with a big bouquet of flowers at my house!”

While the pair started off working at the Brisbane fulfilment centre together, it wasn’t long before Caleb received a new title.

“He got promoted to supervisor not long ago, and I’m so excited for him!” Caila says.

“I’m a picker associate so he does his own thing and I’m in my department. We'll go on our breaks together, but most of the time we’re in separate areas, so we're not in each other's space all the time!”