Annette at Moorebank Fulfilment Centre
Annette at Moorebank Fulfilment Centre

Annette’s been working in Amazon's Fulfilment Centre (FC) for almost three years now – after starting as a casual in 2018, she applied to become a permanent team member at the Moorebank FC and the rest, as they say, is history.

“I was working in hospitality for about 20 years,” she explains. “So it is a very different area of work!”

Different it may be, but Annette says she’s really happy with her job, especially because it’s the kind of environment where you really can bring your authentic self to the workplace.

“I made my very best friend in the world here! We just clicked.”

Working side by side in the FC, Annette and her bestie still have plenty to talk about.

“I see her after work, we call each other on the way to work and we talk all the way to work!” she laughs.

“We get home and we're messaging each other as soon as we walk in the door. She comes over on our days off and we go do stuff, we go get our nails done, we go out for lunch.”

The end of the year and all the extra online shopping involved mean Annette and her colleagues have a lot to do, as you’d expect.

“At the moment it’s very busy,” she said, “It makes the days go faster. We get a lot of orders for gift wrapping at Christmas time!”

“We’re in the holiday mood, you can see a bit of tinsel in people’s hair, the Christmas t-shirts are coming out,” she jokes.

“We get a free lunch once a week, which is cool. And I’m on the Fun Committee as well, so we do special dress-up days during this peak season. You know what they say: ‘work hard and have fun!’”

These holidays, make someone smile

What are your plans for the festive season?

“We’ll have what we call an ‘Orphan’s Christmas’, where we get together with a couple of close friends who are also not with their families, and go out to a restaurant for a big dinner so we don’t have to cook.”

What are your big interests outside work?

“I love rugby union, I’m an All Blacks supporter. The All Blacks are my team, I bleed All Blacks blood, I was born with it! Other than the ABs, I love to read, I love my grandkids, and I love my labradoodle, KC.”