During the first week of December, students all around the world learnt computer science during the annual Hour of Code event led by Code.org. This important effort is aimed at helping kids from all backgrounds learn to code and work toward successful careers making use of computer science skills.

At Amazon Australia, we are committed to inspiring students to participate in science, technology, engineering, and maths (STEM) education and preparing them for careers in these fields through programs like Camp Amazon. Because of this, we are thrilled that we hosted students and teachers from Nuwarra Public School in Moorebank in Sydney and Dandenong North Primary School in Melbourne on December for two very special STEM workshop events.

These workshops align with the Hour of Code globally and offer students a morning in which they learnt to create an Alexa skill quiz game show, followed by an opportunity for the students to create a dance party.

Following these fantastic workshops Amazon made donations to the value of $10,000 to each school; money we hope will help these students continue to pursue their passion in STEM fields.

We recognise that the jobs of tomorrow require a strong aptitude for STEM, we see it in our growing business, and want to be part of the solution and we want to set up children for long-term success. It is great to support initiatives like the Hour of Code as an opportunity for the community to come together and champion STEM. With fun and educational activities, we aim to inspire bright students in Year 5 from Nuwarra Public School and Dandenong North Public School to learn coding skills and we look forward to seeing our $10,000 donation to each school to support the further enhancement of their STEM skill program,” said Craig Fuller, director of operations, Amazon Australia.

$10,000 STEM donation to Dandenong North Public School
$10,000 STEM donation to Dandenong North Primary School

“It is fantastic to see Amazon continually supporting schools in the local community and investing in their futures. STEM education provides students with the skills to think logically and collaboratively to innovatively solve problems. This funding will allow us to purchase necessary STEM resources to assist all students in their learning journey,” said Reginal Corney, principal, Nuwarra Public School.

“When young children have the opportunity to participate in experiences beyond those that they could normally expect to be confronted with, most will relish the opportunity. Special experiences become the historical markers of long-term memories. Amazon has provided a lucky cohort of Dandenong North primary School students with opportunities to advance their knowledge and experience of STEM. All parts of our lives are impacted by elements of STEM and capabilities and competencies linked with STEM domains are vital to us as a society as we continue to face climate and infrastructure challenges into the future. Amazon – in the spirit of corporate responsibility – has created a wonderful opportunity for a select group of students from Dandenong North Primary School," said Kevin Mackay, principal, Dandenong North Primary School. "We are confident that the students attending the workshop will be able to share what they have learned with the larger student body when they return to school. I see this as a unique opportunity for high-ability children to further their understanding of mathematics and pursue their particular STEM interests. This is the sort of opportunity that often results in the development of a life-long passion for a particular field of study. Because of the very nature of the STEM subjects, there is a particular level of resourcing that is required to provide access to instructors with the necessary expertise and the equipment to provide opportunities that can translate theory into practical action. Amazon can do this and does do this. Australia needs more citizens with a passion for STEM so that, as a country, we can be more scientifically and economically competitive on the world stage."

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To learn how to create your own dance party you can visit the Hour of Code website.