This year, Alexa is hatching a virtual Easter Egg Hunt, with a trail of six clues for you to solve. Each day, Alexa will roll out a new clue for you. Put on your detective hat and see if you can crack the code! At the end of the trail, you’ll be rewarded with an egg-cellent treat for your (bunny) ears...

How it works

  • From Wednesday, April 8, just say “Alexa, give me my Easter clue” each day to hear your new clue
  • Each clue ends with a missing word - you’ll hear a chime where the word should be. Write that word down!
  • By Easter Monday, you should have a list of six words - that’s your secret code to unlock the end of the Easter Egg Hunt!
  • To submit your answers, just say, “Alexa”, then read out your list of six words in order from first to last. If you’ve got the code right, a tuneful treat awaits.

Hop to it!

Top tips and tricks!

  • Each answer is a single word that completes that clue’s rhyming couplet. Wax poetical!
  • Instead of writing your answers down, you can keep track of them by saying “Alexa, add (clue word) to my Easter clues list”. Alexa will help create a list for you that you can add to each day. Then, on Easter Monday, you can read out your list of answers to Alexa from the Alexa app on your smartphone. Make sure to read them from the first answer to the last. Easy!
  • Don’t want to miss a clue? Just say, “Alexa, remind me to ask for my Easter clue each day”. Alexa will set up a time with you.
  • Missed a clue? Started late? Want to double-check your answers? On Easter Monday, all six clues will be available! Get started by saying, “Alexa, give me the first Easter clue”, then proceed the same way with the second Easter clue, and so on until you reach the last clue.

Happy hunting!