Are you just getting acquainted with Alexa? Fear not, you can get all the tips and tricks you need to get set up by following our Getting Started Guide. As with all Alexa skills, you’ll need to enable them first, you can do this by simply asking Alexa to open or launch your skill of choice. For example “Alexa, open Rainforest sounds.” If you need to link your account you’ll need to get set up via the Alexa app to personalize your experience, click here to get started.

1. Dimmi
Planning a romantic meal or a catch up with friends? Look no further than Dimmi. With more than 4,000 restaurants across Australia to choose from you can ask Dimmi to book your restaurant of choice on a date and time that suits. Just ask. “Alexa, ask Dimmi to book me a restaurant.”

2. AnyPod
Listen to thousands of podcasts via the Alexa AnyPod skill. Simply ask,” Alexa, ask Anypod to play Serial.”

3. Find My Phone
Constantly misplacing your phone? With the Find My Phone Alexa skill, easily locate your lost phone by saying “Alexa, find my phone.” Add additional numbers so your household can use the skill if needed too.

4. Ambient sounds: Rainforest Sounds
The Rainforest Sounds skill for Alexa is an ambient relaxing sleep sound loop to help you block out unwanted noises, encourage relaxation, reduce stress, or help you fall asleep! Simply say, “Alexa, start rainforest sounds.”

5. TED Talks
Explore a vast library of inspiring talks and ideas worth spreading by world-renowned speakers and thought leaders from around the globe using the TED Talks Alexa skill. Get inspired by asking, ” Alexa, ask TED Talks for the latest talk.”

6. NextThere
Connect to real time information about public transport across Australia and New Zealand with the NextThere Alexa skill. Stay in the know with the latest information on departure times and disruptions to your train, tram, bus or ferry commute. Get an update by asking, “Alexa, ask NextThere when is the next bus to the city.”

7. Guided Meditation
If you’re looking to start your day right, need help falling asleep or if you just want to kick back and relax, explore the Guided Meditation Alexa skill. There are over 60 different meditation, mindfulness and breathing exercises to choose from. Just ask, “Alexa, start Guided meditation” to get started.

8. The Magic Door
The Magic Door skill for Alexa is an interactive adventure game featuring original stories. Explore a magical land collecting items, solving riddles and helping creatures along the way. A great game skill for all ages. Get the fun started by asking, “Alexa, play the Magic Door.”

9. 7 minute workout
If you’re stuck for time but want to get fit, the 7 minute workout Alexa skill is a great way to incorporate fitness into your busy life. A small daily commitment that could have great benefits to your energy, metabolism and mood! Don’t waste another minute, get fit by asking “Alexa, start 7 minute workout.”

10. Fox Sports Flash Briefing
Fox Sports Australia brings you the latest sports headliners from Australia and around the world, daily. Check in on the latest news from NRL, AFL, Rugby, Cricket and more by asking “Alexa, what’s in the news?”

Check back monthly to see what skills the Alexa Australia team are loving and recommending.