The holiday season is upon us, and as people across the country are busy with their festive shopping, we get you up close and personal with some of the people who make it possible for you to receive the Amazon boxes that arrive at your door.

Nicolette has been working at our fulfilment centre in Melbourne since moving to Australia a few years ago, here is her story:

"My first visit to Australia was for a holiday. I came to visit my relatives and friends. Straight away, I fell in love with what the country has to offer—mainly the diversity and culture in Melbourne.

"I moved here a few years back. I believe that Australia is the land of equal opportunity, a country that has given me the tools and freedom to create a new life. The people are really welcoming, friendly, and relaxed, with the most amazing smiles. I’ve never felt hassled, and they just seem to go about business without being rushed.

"I started off with Amazon as my first job in Melbourne. I do really enjoy working here. The culture and work environment is really amazing. Our managers show a sincere interest in knowing how we are feeling, and take our concerns seriously. Everyone is ready to teach and share their experiences that help day to day operations.

"Also, a big kudos to Amazon for the amazing response taken in regards to the current COVID-19 situation. The situation was quickly acknowledged, and the correct actions were taken to keep the team safe. Honestly, I feel really proud to work here.

"I am positive and hopefully looking forward to a COVID-19-free Australia, where I can continue my travels which I love to do during my free time to embrace the different aspects of Australian culture."

Coming into the holiday season we love to hear how our Amazon family celebrates!

What is your favourite holiday food?

Anything home cooked.

Do you have any holiday traditions?

Family dinners.

What is on your holiday present wish list this year?

A spa day with my partner.