The Perth mum has found the perfect work-life balance since quitting her 30-year career as an accountant to be her own boss thanks to Amazon Flex and the flexibility that its delivery partners enjoy.

“I’ve got lots of energy, and still wanted to do something else. I was a bit wary of going back into an office and dealing with office politics and Amazon Flex came up as something I could easily sign up for and get going,” Helen says.

“What I really enjoy is the freedom. I also just find it interesting. A lot of people thought I’d find it boring, but I get a kick out of it. I’m enjoying it and my stress levels are low and I’m a lot healthier not working in an office.”

It was Helen’s husband, Anthony, who suggested she consider becoming an Amazon Flex delivery partner, when she decided it was time for a new challenge last year, and she’s surprised herself at just how much she's enjoyed it since she started delivering parcels in November.

“When you work in finance, it’s considered that you don’t have people skills, but I do, and I wanted to get out of the office environment and be out in the community in some way,” she says.

Helen Finch, Amazon Flex Delivery Partner sitting on her car

Helen says another great benefit of working as an Amazon Flex delivery partner is that she can switch off, once she’s completed a block, and enjoy her home life with her 14-year-old daughter and three dogs, without lingering distractions from her workplace.

“With my office job there was never an end,” she says.

“I would come home and there was always more on my to-do list than things I had taken off. What I wanted was an end to the working day, and with Amazon Flex I have just that. I tune off, come home and live my home life.”

Helen says even on more challenging days she still finds her role as a delivery partner more satisfying than working in an office.

“I enjoy this much more than my accountant role. I set my own little challenges and personal bests for blocks. I like to be on the go all the time, so I like that you clock in, get the parcels and complete the block.”

Helen, who slashed her fuel costs by 75 per cent when she bought a hybrid vehicle, says being an Amazon Flex delivery partner has also allowed her to discover many parts of Perth that she had never previously visited.

“I’m really enjoying getting out and seeing different parts of Perth,” she says, adding that some days she feels like Santa Claus when she delivers parcels to grateful customers in her new, bright red car. “People crack up laughing!”