TikTok sensation Queenie Tan says Amazon Flex provides a great way to earn extra money and beat the rapidly rising cost of living with it’s simple-to-use app and an ability to pick and choose when you want to deliver.

“I really wish it was around when I was a struggling uni student,” admits Queenie, who has garnered over three million likes on TikTok for her very relatable investment and savings advice videos, and her brilliant hacks on how to make your money go further.

“With the cost of living rising I think a lot of people are looking to pick up a bit of extra work, and potentially a bit of extra money. And Amazon Flex delivery partners can earn from $114 for a four-hour-delivery block which is great!

“I think it’s actually pretty good compared to other side hustles. I can really see it working for people who are already working or at uni wanting to earn some extra money and need flexible earning opportunities. I think it’s a great option.”

The financial content creator recently spent a day shadowing an Amazon Australia Flex delivery partner to find out why it appeals to so many Aussies as a side hustle.

“It was really cool shadowing the Amazon Flex delivery partners, and it’s such a great way to supplement your income,” explains Queenie, who spent a day on the road delivering packages in the Hunter Valley in NSW with Newcastle medical student Mark McGrath, 32. Mark drives for Amazon Flex in addition to full-time study and working as an operating theatre assistant.

She wanted to find out why he took up delivering with Amazon Flex - and why he’s become such a big fan of the service.

Mark revealed to Queenie that Amazon Flex had allowed him to pay for a dream scuba diving holiday to the US and attend a close friend’s wedding in Seattle. He even liked it so much he recommended it to the bride and groom to help them save for the wedding!

Mark says the easy-to-use service is not only great to help you save for a special purchase, but also easy to fit into a busy schedule.

“What I’ve found is that the innate flexibility of Amazon Flex has really allowed me to use it as I need with my life, and it provides flexibility which I don’t have at university or in my other job all the time,” he says.

In the past, Queenie said she found it difficult to make her side hustle as a freelancer work, as it was difficult to find regular clients, whereas Amazon Flex delivery partners can choose when they work and have a guaranteed income.

“You can pick when you work and the only barrier for entry is needing a car or van, and having a full drivers licence - and away you go from there,” she says.

Queenie says delivering for Amazon as a Flex delivery partner is also a great way to save for something special, like an expensive holiday, first home or car.

“I think it’s great if people can use Amazon Flex to save towards investments or a property or a car, but people can also use Amazon Flex to save towards other goals like going on a holiday or going out for a nice dinner,” she says.

She says an Amazon Flex delivery partner working just one four hour block a week will earn around $5,928 a year.

“I do think it’s important to have that balance and enjoy yourself every once in a while. I think there also does come a time when you can realistically save money, even if you are earning a small salary or a small wage.

“Even if you just save $5 a week to get yourself into the habit because it does build those good habits for the future. If you can save $27.40 every day, you would have $10,000 in savings in just one year.” And that’s less than what you would earn in just one hour working as an Amazon Flex delivery partner!” To become an Amazon Flex delivery partner you simply download the app and follow the sign up process, complete the background checks and start accepting delivery blocks. For those in NSW, Bluecard training is required, which attendees are paid to attend.

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