Lisa has been working with Amazon since mid-2019, here is her story…

“I am originally from Port Macquarie in NSW and I went to Uni In Armidale where I studied Exercise and Sports Science. After that I worked at woolworths and at the snow where I was a Lift Operator and really enjoyed that kind of work. I love to help people.

"I first thought about moving to Melbourne for the lifestyle and opportunities. I loved the idea of just being able to go ice-skating or go to a game of AFL on the weekend, the city seemed to offer it all. Before the COVID-19 pandemic, I just loved going into the city, I loved the vibe that you get when you’re in Melbourne, it’s something different that I haven’t felt anywhere else.

A woman wearing a safety vest and making a peace sign with her hand

"When I first started with Amazon I thought that it was just going to be a short ‘seasonal job,' but I enjoy it so much that when I was offered full-time employment I couldn’t say no!

"I am in the role of process assistant now for Pack whereby I coordinate, assist, and motivate staff to ensure customer orders are packed and sent out on time. I love the role as I enjoy conversing with the associates, solving problems, and knowing at the end of the day that I will make a lot of customers happy knowing that they will receive their orders promptly. The people who I work with are like my second family. We are always laughing and having a good time while still making sure we get our work done. I feel like we have such a good balance, when it’s time to work we are all on the same page and just get it done. But equally, when it’s time to chill out, we can crack a joke with each other and have a laugh. It makes work a great place to be.

"During COVID-19, there have been so many measures bought in to keep us safe such as temperature testing and social distancing, not to mention there is hand sanitizer everywhere. I legit feel safer at work than when I am in the real world!

"One of the big differences I find working with Amazon is that even though I am young, I am taken seriously and listened to. With some other jobs you are kind of looked down on, that just doesn’t happen at Amazon which builds your self-esteem and gives you the confidence to be able to speak up. I can’t tell you how important that is for me—to feel like I am heard when I speak and that I have a voice even when speaking to people more senior than me. It is a great feeling.

An image of Lisa smiling for a photo (with a mask on) while standing in front of a bright-colored wall in the fulfillment center where she works. She is wearing a neon safety vest.

"With my future here, I feel like I have so many opportunities. I am hoping to keep on climbing the ranks, I can see myself being at Amazon for a long time and I’d love to help open more facilities as we grow. I have been trained in many areas of the business already and have even had the opportunity to have input into upcoming labor planning and with the design of pack stations. We wanted more efficiency with packing larger Items at stations so I was chosen to review and then adjust the design to then see that happen. I really do feel valued and recognised for my hard work and always look forward to my next shift!"

Coming into the holiday season, we love to hear how our Amazon family celebrates

What’s your favorite holiday food?
"Absolutely love fruitcake, I look forward to it every year and just thinking about it makes me want to go buy some now!"

What’s your favourite holiday tradition?
"Always enjoy Christmas lunch. Who doesn’t like good food with family and friends and some classic bon bon dad-style jokes and unique gifts?"

What’s on your holiday gift wish list?
"Wanting all things technology—maybe a new phone or even a GoPro to capture some adventures/create memories."