Pregnancy and new babies bring excitement, hope, and joy, but the planning and preparation for a little one’s arrival can sometimes be stressful and overwhelming. What should you buy? What do you tell the well-meaning grandparents, neighbours, family, and friends who all ask what you want and when, all while considering their different budgets?

In the lead up to birth—and even after birth—it’s easy to get overwhelmed with the choice of products available. The Amazon Baby Wishlist is the ultimate tool for new and expecting parents. The list helps you keep track of everything you need (and want) in one easy-to-access location, allowing you to curate a list of products and enabling you to share with friends and family who may be looking to buy the new bub a gift. Moreover, a 10% discount, or 15% for Amazon Prime members, is offered on select items from your Wishlist 60 days before and after your child’s arrival date.

There are a number of curated inspiration lists to help expecting parents find what they need before the new arrival, such as "Second-time parents" and "Baby on a budget." There are also lists of must-have products as recommended by parents who are expecting and have already been through it, such as Aussie mums and influencers, Steph Luck, Jessica Kent, Candice Tanna, and Justine Ilarda. Alongside their top products for new born babies, they also shared their top tips for shopping as new parents.

Steph Luck

Steph is a proud mum to Zyla (4) and Huxley (2), with a new bub on the way.

Steph’s tips:
1. Really think about what you are going to need. Do your research and ask friends or family who have had kids. To help ensure you don’t get overwhelmed with the hundreds of different products, create a list of all the ‘must haves’ and then the ‘wants’ separately. This will help you prioritise the essentials.

2. Think long term—you don’t just want items for newborns (yes unfortunately they grow up). Select clothing of different sizing, educational toys for different developmental ages, or even items you may need 6-8 months down the track. This will help you stay organised.

Shop Steph’s Amazon Baby Wishlist from Bond baby onesies to Amazon giftcards here.

Jessica Kent

Brisbane-based Jess is an experienced mum of three—Jayla, Jude, and Jax.

Jessica’s tips:
1. In the early newborn days I find it a lot easier to dress babies in Bonds wondersuits. They are super easy when changing a baby as they have a double zip which means you don’t have to completely undress them when changing nappies!

2. Be prepared with a baby care kit. This is something that we have used with all three babies early on and I love the Tommee Tippee care kit. It saves a late-night trip to the pharmacy to grab a thermometer or nasal aspirator when you think your baby might have a temperature or cold. It has everything you need in the early days.

Shop Jessica’s practical baby wishlist featuring night lights, nappies, and a change mat here.

Candice Tanna

Queensland mum of four, Candice is a mum of Dai-Shaun, Kyjuan, Mahiya, and Zendaya.

Candice’s tips:
1. I invested in a baby shusher when I had my third baby and used it again for my fourth… best thing I bought! It saved me from shushing as I rocked my girls to sleep. You can change the volume from low to high depending how unsettled your baby is. It is so soothing for them. I used to set it ready to go for all sleeps even in the pram if we were out. Since using I shared this tip with photographers, and they use the shusher too to settle babies for newborn photo shoots!

2. Who would think a little rack of plastic grass would be so useful! The Boon Lawn rack is perfect to drain bottles after they have been washed. They also have a selection of flowers that stick in the grass for you to hang the dummies on. I never had the worry of mould growth as it kept the moisture away from the bottle allowing it to dry and is also very easy to wash.

Shop Candy’s baby wishlist with practical, everyday items like baby shushers and bottle drying racks here.

Justine Ilarda

As a mum to four girls (with her youngest just 15 months), Justine knows a thing or two about what to buy when expecting.

Justine’s tips:
1. A diaper caddy in the car! Make sure it’s stocked full of wipes, nappies, plus change of clothes for bub and yourself, in case you run out nappy bag supplies.

2. A baby car mirror helps you keep an eye on them when you are driving. Also, a portable white noise machine for the pram was a life saver!

Shop Justine’s baby wishlist for natural, organic inspiration here.

New mums and dads, friends, and family can head to the for inspiration and ideas. Amazon offers a 10% discount (15% for Prime members) on select items from your wish list within 60 days of your due date, and with so many products to choose from, you’ll be well looked after from pregnancy and beyond. Furthermore, there’s a handy 30-day, free returns policy.