Regardless of what drives them—whether it's saving up for something big or extra funds to help out with everyday expenses—Amazon Flex delivery partners can earn extra money delivering Amazon packages, while having the flexibility to choose the schedule they want and be their own boss. Driving with Amazon Flex is a great opportunity for people to schedule work around their lifestyle—perfect for everyone from uni students to retirees, to parents working part time, or those with spare hours in the day that they want to turn into extra money.

Amazon Flex is a program launched in 2015 in the USA and now runs in eight additional countries (Canada, the UK, Germany, Spain, India, Singapore, Japan, and Australia), offering individuals and small businesses the opportunity to deliver Amazon packages—all through our easy-to-use Amazon Flex mobile app.

Amazon Flex will enable us to supplement our existing delivery network and ramp up at peak times. We will continue to work closely with our existing carrier partners to get orders into the hands of customers when and where they want them.

We’re excited to launch this newest innovation in Australia—both for the new earning opportunities it offers for individuals and the improved delivery speeds it will offer our customers thanks to increased agility in our delivery network. Visit for more details and further updates.

Of course, for those who want to work more regular hours, we are hiring hundreds of full-time roles at Amazon and these opportunities can be found at

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