It has been a tough year for Australians, with lots of challenges to overcome. But Aussies are a resilient bunch, and as we’ve adjusted to canceled events, unique work arrangements, and travel restrictions. As a nation, we’ve also been doing more online shopping.

In fact, half (49%) of Aussies increased their online shopping1 in 2020 according to independent research commissioned by Amazon Australia. One in four Australians said online shopping enabled them to purchase everyday essentials without risk to their health this year, with another 28% saying it enabled them to purchase items they otherwise couldn’t access due to lockdown restrictions or shops being closed.

All this online shopping means that our trusty delivery drivers have really gone the extra mile this year, playing a critical role in letting us all shop safely at home whilst delivering smiles to customers around the country. We think they deserve a big pat on the back.

Traditionally, the week after Black Friday and Cyber Monday is the biggest week for deliveries all year. That’s why Amazon Australia has chosen this week to shine a spotlight on delivery drivers, and encourage Aussies to also show their appreciation and spread joy this festive season.

Whether it’s shown through kindness with a card, gift, creative surprise, or a "thank you" on social media, we’d love you to take a moment to say #ThankYouDeliveryDriver to acknowledge these front-line workers who will help deliver magic over the holiday season.

And to kick-start the season of "Delivery Driver Appreciation," we surprised unsuspecting delivery drivers from some of our carrier partners with a special thank you, including gifts from and a live musical performance.

Watch the surprise in action here:

We surprised some of our delivery drivers with a special thank you

Sean Higgs from Australia Post was one of the delivery drivers surprised this week in Clovelly and said, “I was completely shocked to have this surprise from Amazon Australia. I was just going about my day as I usually do, so it was the last thing I expected! However, this special ‘thank you’ gave me a boost of happiness that was very welcome during this busy time.

“While it’s been a tough year for everyone, one of the joys of my job is seeing customers’ smiles as I deliver a special package they’ve been waiting for, so it’s rewarding to know we’re appreciated. A little thanks goes a long way.”

Sean Higgs, Australia Post delivery driver

Craig Fuller, director of operations for Amazon Australia said, “This year has taught us the importance of pausing and thanking those doing essential work. 2020 has been a busy year for delivery drivers across Australia who have gone the extra mile to keep up with the increased customer demand given the pandemic.

This year we are especially grateful to all of our delivery drivers who have demonstrated their commitment to deliver for customers. As holiday orders arrive, we want to remind and encourage customers to say thank you to their delivery drivers, as we all know a little thank you can go a long way.”

So as your online deliveries arrive at your doorstep this holiday season, don’t forget to say #ThankYouDeliveryDriver.