Two MEL1 women employees smile at the camera.

At Amazon Australia, we know this applies to us as much as anyone else, and we believe that real progress starts in your own backyard. As such, we work hard to ensure that our employees have the flexibility they need for a fulfilling, well-rounded life. By working together, we can move towards a more balanced future.

“It’s certainly a juggling act, but in the time I’ve been at Amazon there’s been great flexibility to manage my roles at work and at home,” says Carolyn Poretti, Site Safety Manager. “I work fulltime, and I have four children. Thankfully, Amazon is very supportive, enabling me to be effective at work, while also recognising that I have a life that is a package deal.”

Carolyn isn’t alone in enjoying the support of her colleagues. Maayan Menashe, Ops Manager, says that from the moment she found out she was pregnant, her Ops team were completely behind her: “The team here were so supportive from the moment I let them know. They told me I could take my time with maternity leave and come back whenever I feel it’s the right time, but I couldn’t wait. I love working at Amazon, so after three and half months I returned to support launch our Sydney Fulfilment Centre and the team were just amazing. They even set up the mother’s room for me at work with comfy chairs and whatever I needed!”

Our Operations Manager, Janice Chung, also knows what it’s like to have priorities at home. “I’m a mum, and it’s been a pleasure to find the level of flexibility at Amazon,” she explains. “I put in the hours at work, but if there is a need, I can see my son off to school, pick him up in the afternoon, or stay at home with him when he’s sick. The support we get as parents here is fantastic. There’s no such thing as being told no.”

By continuing to provide the flexibility that allows our operation team to be successful at work and successful at home, we are confident that Amazon will continue striving towards the balance that helps create a better working world.

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