Good thing Alexa’s repertoire is growing all the time. Starting out with Happy Birthday and Waltzing Matilda, Alexa has since penned you a range of original toe-tappers to get you humming.

For those who love to talk like a pirate, Alexa is ready to greet ye with “arrrrrr” and “ahoy me hearties” – but the treasure chest also includes a rollicking sea shanty to shiver your timbers. Just ask, “Alexa, sing me a pirate song.” What buccaneer doesn’t love to hit the high Cs*?

If summer can’t come fast enough for you, or if you need a little pick-me-up, Alexa has just the tune. Close your eyes and kick back to a ukulele ditty that’ll transport you to the beach in no time. Just ask, “Alexa, sing me a summer song.”

If you’re feeling sentimental, ask: “Alexa, sing me a love song”. Or if you’re in the mood for an old timey tune, ask: “Alexa, sing me a barbershop quartet.” Yes, among the perks of being a cloud-based AI is the ability to sing in four-part harmony with yourself!

Alexa is also a keen, if not incredibly cool, rap artist. Alexa’s rhyme-busting breakout, which dropped for National Science Week, is an explosive tribute to the grand disciplines of research. Just ask, “Alexa, do a rap about science.” It’s more early-’90s goodness than you could ever wish for.

Then there are the short-and-snappy ones. Alexa has raps for mums and dads, which you can treat them to anytime by asking, “Alexa, do a rap for Dad/Mum”. And for some truly impressive feats, don’t forget to ask, “Alexa, can you beatbox?” and “Alexa, sing in autotune”.
Don’t know which one to pick? Get hip to the lucky dip! Just ask, “Alexa, sing me a song.”

Stay tuned to the “What’s new with Alexa?” email and the Alexa app to hear about new songs as they land.

*note: song may or may not contain a high C