Steve is an Amazon Flex delivery partner in Western Sydney who delivers for Amazon to supplement his income. He says, “As a semi-retired engineer, Amazon Flex allows me to earn extra money to put towards my wife’s and my savings for our next holiday. The best thing about being an Amazon Flex driver is seeing how happy our customers are when we make their timely deliveries.”

Mother of two Yanshan delivers for Amazon Flex in Sydney,“Being an Amazon Flex driver is perfect for me as I’m able to work around my kids' hours at school. These past two months have been great because it’s given me the freedom to choose how and when I work, while I earn some extra money to support my family."

Craig Fuller, Amazon Australia’s Director of Operations said Steve and Yanshan’s experiences are consistent with the feedback from delivery partners who the Amazon Flex team interacts with regularly, “Our delivery partners tell us that it’s the flexible way of earning that attracted them to Amazon Flex – the ability to dip in and out, work one week but not the next, and choose the hours that suit their personal circumstances.”

“Whether they are a parent working around school hours, a retiree who wants to keep active and still be available to babysit their grandchildren, or someone working part time and looking to supplement their income for whatever reason, it is a great option for those who want to earn some extra money in an easy, accessible and reliable way,” said Craig.

Semi-retired 67 year old David said he started delivering for Amazon Flex in Melbourne last March so he wouldn’t have to dip into his superannuation and said the ability to work when he chooses are a definite plus for him,

David started delivery with Amazon Flex in March 2020
David started delivery with Amazon Flex in March 2020

“There is no pressure, you do not get chased to work, you decide what suits your lifestyle and then go about getting work for those days. Once you have that block of work booked, it’s yours and it is guaranteed. The flexibility and certainty of Amazon Flex driving is important to me. If I want work, it is there for me, but if I have plans there is no one breathing down my neck to get back to work. There is a sense of liberation, and because of the extra money I can earn with Amazon Flex it has meant that we haven’t had to dip into our nest-egg as well."

Amazon Flex which is now operating in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Newcastle and the Gold Coast – and launching in Adelaide next month – currently provides more than 2,000 people around Australia with a flexible way to earn money in their spare time delivering packages to customers.

“We are proud to provide flexible earning opportunities for Aussies like Yanshan, Steve and David, who want to supplement their income and work on their own terms, while they provide a great delivery service to our customers who – thanks to Amazon Flex – are now able to receive their deliveries even faster with the addition of evening and weekend deliveries. We want delivering with Amazon Flex to be a good experience for delivery partners and have designed the program to make it easy for drivers to be successful” adds Amazon Australia’s Director of Operations, Craig Fuller.

David says delighted customers are one of the perks of delivering packages for Amazon Flex.

“One of the great aspects of the work is seeing the looks on peoples’ faces when they get their parcels! [Since the pandemic began] we are asked to do contactless deliveries. As part of how the Amazon Flex app works, I take a photo of where I have left the parcel, which is then sent directly to the customer. It’s very satisfying when you hear an ‘oh, thank you so much!’ as someone opens the door to see their parcel waiting for them. It gives me a sense of satisfaction when I hear that,” said David.

How to sign up

Delivery blocks are around four hours, during which delivery partners will collect packages from the Amazon Delivery Station and deliver them to customers. Interested drivers can sign-up as an Amazon Flex delivery partner, choose delivery blocks that fit their schedule and earn money delivering packages, all using the Amazon Flex app. They simply download the app (available for iOS or Android), sign up, complete the background verification process and they are then ready to accept delivery blocks, delivering packages to Amazon customers.

An Amazon Flex delivery partner scans a package at the delivery station.
An Amazon Flex delivery partner scans a package at the delivery station.

Scheduling and pay

Amazon Flex is designed to provide flexibility to delivery partners so they can work when it suits them. Blocks can be scheduled 7 days in advance via the app, enabling delivery partners to plan their week around their commitments. We know transparency and certainty are important so delivery partners see the estimated duration and minimum they will be paid for each block in advance and earn a minimum of $108 for a 4-hour block. For maximum flexibility, blocks can also be cancelled up to 45 minutes beforehand.

We aim to give drivers the right number of packages that they can comfortably deliver within the block. We achieve this in the vast majority of occasions, with 90% of drivers completing their blocks in less than the period allocated. In the instance where deliveries take longer than expected we compensate delivery partners for their time spent delivering packages.

Delivery partners pick up packages from the delivery station and deliver them to customers
Delivery partners pick up packages from the delivery station and deliver them to customers

Safety matters

We take safety of our delivery partners, employees and the community very seriously which is why we require a full unrestricted driver’s license, safe driving record and conduct a background check before welcoming a driver to deliver for Amazon Flex.

COVID-19 is naturally a key consideration and we supply Amazon Flex drivers with hand sanitiser and face masks to wear while collecting packages and during all deliveries. All delivery partners practice social distancing at our delivery stations and importantly all deliveries are contactless.